Sherwood BHL

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Banks Town Bogans 980145162924
2Sherwood Strikers971128141422
3Fabulous Six95312013718
4The Lions95312419518
5Super Smash Bros.94233224814
6Blue Tounged Lizards93152429-510
7The Roosters92251326-138
8The Unknowns92161934-157
9Goliath and the Grapes91351525-106
10Hockey Hawks90091434-200
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The Roosters1v3Blue Tounged Lizards
Fabulous Six5v1Hockey Hawks
The Lions4v1Goliath and the Grapes
Super Smash Bros.5v3The Unknowns
Sherwood Strikers1v4Banks Town Bogans
The Roosters1v1Fabulous Six
Sherwood Strikers3v2Hockey Hawks
Goliath and the Grapes2v2The Unknowns
Banks Town Bogans 8v3Super Smash Bros.
The Lions3v2Blue Tounged Lizards
Banks Town Bogans 7v0The Unknowns
Hockey Hawks3v5Super Smash Bros.
Sherwood Strikers3v0The Roosters
Fabulous Six2v2The Lions
Blue Tounged Lizards3v1Goliath and the Grapes
Blue Tounged Lizards2v2Fabulous Six
The Lions1v1Sherwood Strikers
Banks Town Bogans 3v0Hockey Hawks
The Unknowns2v4The Roosters
Super Smash Bros.6v0The Roosters
Banks Town Bogans 3v2Goliath and the Grapes
Hockey Hawks2v3The Unknowns
Goliath and the Grapes0v2Fabulous Six
The Lions3v3Super Smash Bros.
Blue Tounged Lizards1v5Sherwood Strikers
Banks Town Bogans 5v1The Roosters
Hockey Hawks3v4Goliath and the Grapes
Super Smash Bros.6v0Blue Tounged Lizards
The Lions6v3The Unknowns
Sherwood Strikers4v1Fabulous Six
The Unknowns4v3Blue Tounged Lizards
Fabulous Six1v0Super Smash Bros.
Sherwood Strikers4v1Goliath and the Grapes
Hockey Hawks2v3The Roosters
Banks Town Bogans 5v1The Lions
Fabulous Six2v0The Unknowns
Banks Town Bogans 7v4Blue Tounged Lizards
Hockey Hawks1v2The Lions
Goliath and the Grapes2v2The Roosters
Super Smash Bros.2v4Sherwood Strikers
The Lions2v1The Roosters
Blue Tounged Lizards6v0Hockey Hawks
Fabulous Six4v3Banks Town Bogans
Sherwood Strikers3v2The Unknowns
Goliath and the Grapes2v2Super Smash Bros.

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