Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1El Cabello Negro321013587
2Bayer Neverlosen22009366
3La Famiglia320111656
4Football Maniacs31207615
5Black Knights3111510-54
7Kordin Stars11006243
9Big Poppas210178-13
10Aces FC302146-22
11Filfla Lizards3003613-70
12El Paso Cihuahua2002317-140

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Black Knights1v7El Cabello Negro
Tal-Lupu12v1El Paso Cihuahua
Kordin Stars6v2Big Poppas
Aces FC0v2Galacticos
Filfla Lizards1v5La Famiglia
Football Maniacs3v2La Famiglia
Filfla Lizards3v4Bayer Neverlosen
Big Poppas5v2El Paso Cihuahua
Tal-Lupu0v5Bayer Neverlosen
El Cabello Negro2v2Football Maniacs
Aces FC2v2Black Knights
La Famiglia4v2Tal-Lupu
Black Knights2v1Galacticos
El Cabello Negro4v2Filfla Lizards
Aces FC2v2Football Maniacs

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