SFAL League 2013/14

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Venoms Utd20142490424844
2Kordin Stars19142373393444
3GSE / Mojos20140686553142
5Filfla Lizards20112784523235
6FC United2087568462231
7Atletico Mercinhos19937101742730
8Is-Co / Stanleybet1961127089-1919
9Ro-Co / MSA20421443103-6014
11Black Knights20101931118-873

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GSE / Mojos5v0Is-Co / Stanleybet
Black Knights6v3Ro-Co / MSA
Is-Co / Stanleybet7v0Filfla Lizards
Black Knights0v5XPFC
Black Knights0v5Kordin Stars
Black Knights0v5Is-Co / Stanleybet
Filfla Lizards2v2FC United
GSE / Mojos7v2XPFC
Venoms Utd5v1Kordin Stars
Atletico Mercinhos5v8GSE / Mojos
Tal-Lupu5v0Black Knights
GSE / Mojos6v2Ro-Co / MSA
Kordin Stars6v5Is-Co / Stanleybet
Atletico Mercinhos2v6Venoms Utd
XPFC4v6Filfla Lizards
Atletico Mercinhos4v7Tal-Lupu
Is-Co / Stanleybet2v2FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet4v6GSE / Mojos
Kordin Stars1v4FC United
GSE / Mojos8v2Black Knights
Ro-Co / MSA1v10Filfla Lizards
XPFC0v5Venoms Utd
FC United4v4Atletico Mercinhos
Kordin Stars4v1Atletico Mercinhos
GSE / Mojos3v1Filfla Lizards
Ro-Co / MSA2v8Tal-Lupu
FC United3v3XPFC
Kordin Stars6v1XPFC
Black Knights3v11Filfla Lizards
GSE / Mojos3v5Tal-Lupu
Ro-Co / MSA2v2Venoms Utd
Atletico Mercinhos6v4XPFC
GSE / Mojos3v2Venoms Utd
Ro-Co / MSA0v6FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet7v3XPFC
Kordin Stars5v3Ro-Co / MSA
Filfla Lizards3v4Tal-Lupu
Black Knights1v4Venoms Utd
GSE / Mojos2v4FC United
Atletico Mercinhos8v0Ro-Co / MSA
Kordin Stars2v1GSE / Mojos
Is-Co / Stanleybet4v5Tal-Lupu
Filfla Lizards0v4Venoms Utd
Black Knights1v4FC United
XPFC2v6Ro-Co / MSA
Tal-Lupu1v6Venoms Utd
Atletico Mercinhos12v3Black Knights
Kordin Stars6v0Filfla Lizards
Is-Co / Stanleybet0v5Venoms Utd
Tal-Lupu1v2FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet7v3Ro-Co / MSA
Atletico Mercinhos4v1Filfla Lizards
Venoms Utd5v1FC United
Ro-Co / MSA5v8GSE / Mojos
XPFC2v7Filfla Lizards
Atletico Mercinhos8v8Tal-Lupu
Kordin Stars8v2Venoms Utd
Is-Co / Stanleybet0v5FC United
Ro-Co / MSA3v2Black Knights
Atletico Mercinhos1v3Venoms Utd
FC United3v3Kordin Stars
Is-Co / Stanleybet2v7Kordin Stars
GSE / Mojos3v2Black Knights
Ro-Co / MSA1v6Filfla Lizards
XPFC2v9Venoms Utd
Atletico Mercinhos4v2FC United
Kordin Stars3v3Atletico Mercinhos
Is-Co / Stanleybet6v1Black Knights
GSE / Mojos1v4Filfla Lizards
Ro-Co / MSA0v9Tal-Lupu
XPFC3v11FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet2v10Atletico Mercinhos
Kordin Stars6v2XPFC
Black Knights3v10Filfla Lizards
GSE / Mojos4v2Tal-Lupu
Ro-Co / MSA4v2Venoms Utd
Atletico Mercinhos13v4XPFC
Is-Co / Stanleybet1v10Filfla Lizards
Black Knights2v5Tal-Lupu
GSE / Mojos1v4Venoms Utd
Ro-Co / MSA1v1FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet3v4XPFC
Kordin Stars1v5Ro-Co / MSA
Filfla Lizards2v2Tal-Lupu
Black Knights1v9Venoms Utd
GSE / Mojos4v3FC United
Atletico Mercinhos4v2Ro-Co / MSA
Kordin Stars2v0GSE / Mojos
Is-Co / Stanleybet5v6Tal-Lupu
Filfla Lizards4v0Venoms Utd
Black Knights0v4FC United
XPFC5v0Ro-Co / MSA
Atletico Mercinhos2v8GSE / Mojos
Kordin Stars3v0Black Knights
Tal-Lupu2v3Venoms Utd
Filfla Lizards2v1FC United
XPFC2v5GSE / Mojos
Atletico Mercinhos8v0Black Knights
Kordin Stars1v0Filfla Lizards
Is-Co / Stanleybet5v11Venoms Utd
Tal-Lupu5v3FC United
Is-Co / Stanleybet5v0Ro-Co / MSA
XPFC5v4Black Knights
Atletico Mercinhos2v5Filfla Lizards
Kordin Stars3v2Tal-Lupu
FC United3v3Venoms Utd

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