Série retour

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Ouanaminthe FC157711881028
3Real Hope146622011924
4America FC15663136724
5AS Capoise157351010024
6Violette AC164841412220
7Baltimore AC164841212020
8Racing FC164841012-220
9Aigle Noir AC153102108219
10AS Mirebalais165471010019
11Don Bosco FC164751215-319
12AS Cavaly155371316-318
13Petit Goave FC15537914-518
14Juventus FC164571826-817
15Racing C.H154471517-216
16Roulado FC15447916-716
17Tempete FC14365710-315
18Inter FC14437817-915

Viewed 146 times

Violette AC3v0Roulado FC
AS Capoise1v0Racing C.H
America FC3v0Petit Goave FC
Racing FC1v1Baltimore AC
Ouanaminthe FC1v0AS Mirebalais
Aigle Noir AC2v0Inter FC
Tempete FC0v0Don Bosco FC
Real Hope4v0AS Cavaly
FICA4v2Juventus FC
Petit Goave FC0v1Racing FC
AS Mirebalais2v1Violette AC
Baltimore AC1v0AS Capoise
Don Bosco FC0v0FICA
Racing C.H1v0Aigle Noir AC
Juventus FC1v1AS Cavaly
Juventus FC2v3Real Hope
AS Capoise2v1Petit Goave FC
Ouanaminthe FC2v0Racing C.H
Violette AC2v0Inter FC
FICA3v0Roulado FC
Racing FC0v0America FC
AS Cavaly1v1Don Bosco FC
Tempete FC0v1AS Mirebalais
Aigle Noir AC0v0Baltimore AC
Don Bosco FC0v0Real Hope
AS Capoise1v1Racing FC
Ouanaminthe FC1v0Petit Goave FC
FICA4v0Inter FC
Juventus FC1v0Roulado FC
Aigle Noir AC0v0America FC
AS Cavaly1v0AS Mirebalais
Violette AC0v0Baltimore AC
Baltimore AC1v1Ouanaminthe FC
Real Hope4v1Racing FC
Racing C.H1v1Violette AC
America FC3v0AS Capoise
AS Mirebalais0v1FICA
Roulado FC1v0AS Cavaly
Don Bosco FC2v1Juventus FC
Inter FC1v0Tempete FC
America FC1v0Ouanaminthe FC
Petit Goave FC0v0Violette AC
Roulado FC0v1Don Bosco FC
Racing C.H0v1FICA
Racing FC1v0Aigle Noir AC
AS Mirebalais2v0Juventus FC
Baltimore AC0v1Tempete FC
Roulado FC1v1Real Hope
Ouanaminthe FC1v0Racing FC
Tempete FC2v0Petit Goave FC
AS Cavaly2v0Racing C.H
Juventus FC1v0Inter FC
Aigle Noir AC0v0AS Capoise
Violette AC1v0America FC
Don Bosco FC0v0AS Mirebalais
FICA3v1Baltimore AC
AS Capoise0v0Ouanaminthe FC
Racing FC0v0Violette AC
AS Mirebalais0v0Roulado FC
Inter FC2v0Don Bosco FC
Petit Goave FC1v0FICA
Real Hope0v0Aigle Noir AC
Baltimore AC2v0AS Cavaly
Racing C.H4v1Juventus FC
America FC1v0Tempete FC
AS Mirebalais0v1Real Hope
Tempete FC0v0Racing FC
AS Cavaly2v0Petit Goave FC
Don Bosco FC1v1Racing C.H
Roulado FC3v0Inter FC
Violette AC1v0AS Capoise
FICA0v0America FC
Ouanaminthe FC1v1Aigle Noir AC
Juventus FC2v1Baltimore AC
Real Hope1v1Ouanaminthe FC
Aigle Noir AC0v0Violette AC
Racing C.H3v0Roulado FC
Baltimore AC3v2Don Bosco FC
Inter FC3v1AS Mirebalais
Racing FC1v1FICA
America FC0v1AS Cavaly
Petit Goave FC2v0Juventus FC
AS Capoise1v0Tempete FC
Violette AC1v1Ouanaminthe FC
Inter FC2v1Real Hope
AS Cavaly0v1Racing FC
Don Bosco FC2v1Petit Goave FC
AS Mirebalais3v0Racing C.H
FICA0v1AS Capoise
Juventus FC2v3America FC
Tempete FC1v1Aigle Noir AC
Roulado FC1v1Baltimore AC
Real Hope2v1Violette AC
Racing C.H2v0Inter FC
Petit Goave FC1v1Roulado FC
America FC0v0Don Bosco FC
Baltimore AC0v0AS Mirebalais
Aigle Noir AC1v1FICA
AS Capoise2v1AS Cavaly
Racing FC1v1Juventus FC
Ouanaminthe FC4v1Tempete FC
FICA0v0Ouanaminthe FC
Racing C.H2v3Real Hope
Don Bosco FC2v1Racing FC
Tempete FC1v1Violette AC
AS Mirebalais0v0Petit Goave FC
Juventus FC1v0AS Capoise
Roulado FC1v0America FC
AS Cavaly1v1Aigle Noir AC
Inter FC0v0Baltimore AC
Baltimore AC0v0Racing C.H
Petit Goave FC1v0Inter FC
Racing FC1v0Roulado FC
AS Capoise1v0Don Bosco FC
America FC1v0AS Mirebalais
Violette AC1v2FICA
Ouanaminthe FC2v1AS Cavaly
Aigle Noir AC1v1Juventus FC
Real Hope0v0Tempete FC
Juventus FC1v1Ouanaminthe FC
Baltimore AC1v0Real Hope
AS Mirebalais1v0Racing FC
AS Cavaly2v0Violette AC
Racing C.H0v1Petit Goave FC
Roulado FC1v0AS Capoise
Inter FC0v0America FC
Don Bosco FC1v2Aigle Noir AC
FICA0v0Tempete FC
America FC1v1Racing C.H
Racing FC0v0Inter FC
Aigle Noir AC1v0Roulado FC
Ouanaminthe FC2v0Don Bosco FC
AS Capoise1v0AS Mirebalais
Real Hope0v0FICA
Petit Goave FC1v0Baltimore AC
Tempete FC1v0AS Cavaly
Violette AC1v1Juventus FC

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