Serie D2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)76103653119
2Brann (Riz)7421146814
3Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)941425151013
4Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)5311139410
5Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)531186210
6Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)824298110
7Aberdeen (carabina DH)62131017-77
8Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)8017535-301
9Sydney (FoxyNight)5005120-190

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Aberdeen (carabina DH)0v2Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)
Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)0v0Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)3v1Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)3v1Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)
Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)5v2Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)
Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)0v1Brisbane Roar (xkelevra666XLx)
Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)9v0Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Brann (Riz)0v3SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)
Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)2v3Aberdeen (carabina DH)
Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)1v11SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)
SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)8v1Aberdeen (carabina DH)
Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)0v0Brann (Riz)
Aberdeen (carabina DH)5v2Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Brann (Riz)3v0Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Sydney (FoxyNight)0v4Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)
Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)1v1Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)
Brann (Riz)3v1Aberdeen (carabina DH)
Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)1v3Brann (Riz)
Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)3v3Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)
Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)0v3SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)
Sydney (FoxyNight)0v4Brann (Riz)
Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)4v0Sydney (FoxyNight)
SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)4v2Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)
Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)1v3Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)
Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)1v0Lillestrom Sk (ilkillergallierano)
Sydney (FoxyNight)0v6SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)
Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)2v1Sydney (FoxyNight)
Esbjerg fB (cozmin18)2v0Gazelec Ajaccio (Gerva89)
Aberdeen (carabina DH)0v0Busan I'Park (J4m4er4h)
SV Sandhausen (DRUGO 1897)1v1Brann (Riz)

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