Serie A Tim

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sporting Ardenza361815349252469
2Griffin United36178115144759
3FC Venuti3616101038271158
4Bamboogie FC361414846311556
5AS Colline36131493728953
6Royal Vanersboorg36148144337650
7FC Mogadiscio 361212124142-148
9Matteo's Team36714152334-1135
10FC Elbasan3646261059-4918
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FC Elbasan0v1Sporting Ardenza
FC Mogadiscio 3v0Royal Vanersboorg
Griffin United0v3Matteo's Team
FC Venuti3v0AS Colline
Bamboogie FC2v0Thenderman
AS Colline1v1Bamboogie FC
Matteo's Team0v0FC Venuti
Royal Vanersboorg2v3Griffin United
Sporting Ardenza3v0FC Mogadiscio
FC Elbasan0v3Thenderman
FC Venuti1v2Sporting Ardenza
AS Colline1v0Matteo's Team
Bamboogie FC1v0Royal Vanersboorg
Griffin United3v1FC Elbasan
Thenderman1v0FC Mogadiscio
Royal Vanersboorg0v2Matteo's Team
Sporting Ardenza1v0AS Colline
FC Elbasan0v3Bamboogie FC
FC Mogadiscio 1v1FC Venuti
Griffin United0v1Thenderman
Royal Vanersboorg1v1Sporting Ardenza
Matteo's Team1v0FC Elbasan
AS Colline2v0FC Mogadiscio
Bamboogie FC3v1Griffin United
Thenderman0v1FC Venuti
FC Elbasan1v1Royal Vanersboorg
FC Venuti1v0Bamboogie FC
Griffin United2v1AS Colline
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Matteo's Team
Thenderman0v1Sporting Ardenza
FC Elbasan1v1FC Mogadiscio
Sporting Ardenza2v0Griffin United
Royal Vanersboorg0v0FC Venuti
Matteo's Team1v2Bamboogie FC
Thenderman0v1AS Colline
Griffin United1v0FC Mogadiscio
FC Venuti3v0FC Elbasan
Bamboogie FC2v2Sporting Ardenza
AS Colline1v0Royal Vanersboorg
Matteo's Team0v2Thenderman
Griffin United2v0FC Venuti
FC Mogadiscio 3v2Bamboogie FC
FC Elbasan0v3AS Colline
Sporting Ardenza1v0Matteo's Team
Thenderman1v0Royal Vanersboorg
Bamboogie FC2v1Thenderman
FC Elbasan0v3Sporting Ardenza
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Royal Vanersboorg
Griffin United1v1Matteo's Team
FC Venuti1v1AS Colline
AS Colline0v2Bamboogie FC
Matteo's Team3v2FC Venuti
Royal Vanersboorg1v2Griffin United
Sporting Ardenza3v1FC Mogadiscio
FC Elbasan1v0Thenderman
AS Colline2v2Matteo's Team
Bamboogie FC0v2Royal Vanersboorg
FC Venuti1v0Sporting Ardenza
Griffin United2v0FC Elbasan
Thenderman1v2FC Mogadiscio
Royal Vanersboorg1v1Matteo's Team
Sporting Ardenza1v1AS Colline
FC Elbasan2v1Bamboogie FC
FC Mogadiscio 1v1FC Venuti
Griffin United2v2Thenderman
Royal Vanersboorg1v1Sporting Ardenza
Matteo's Team2v1FC Elbasan
AS Colline2v2FC Mogadiscio
Bamboogie FC1v1Griffin United
Thenderman0v1FC Venuti
FC Venuti2v0Bamboogie FC
Griffin United1v0AS Colline
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Matteo's Team
FC Elbasan0v1Royal Vanersboorg
Thenderman0v2Sporting Ardenza
FC Elbasan1v0FC Mogadiscio
Sporting Ardenza3v1Griffin United
Royal Vanersboorg3v1FC Venuti
Matteo's Team1v0Bamboogie FC
Thenderman0v0AS Colline
FC Venuti2v0FC Elbasan
Bamboogie FC1v1Sporting Ardenza
AS Colline1v2Royal Vanersboorg
Matteo's Team0v1Thenderman
Griffin United0v3FC Mogadiscio
Griffin United3v2FC Venuti
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Bamboogie FC
FC Elbasan0v1AS Colline
Sporting Ardenza0v0Matteo's Team
Thenderman1v1Royal Vanersboorg
Sporting Ardenza1v0FC Elbasan
Royal Vanersboorg5v1FC Mogadiscio
Matteo's Team0v4Griffin United
AS Colline0v1FC Venuti
Thenderman2v2Bamboogie FC
Bamboogie FC2v0AS Colline
FC Venuti0v0Matteo's Team
Griffin United4v0Royal Vanersboorg
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Sporting Ardenza
Thenderman1v0FC Elbasan
Matteo's Team0v1AS Colline
Royal Vanersboorg1v2Bamboogie FC
Sporting Ardenza1v0FC Venuti
Griffin United2v0FC Elbasan
FC Mogadiscio 2v0Thenderman
Matteo's Team0v1Royal Vanersboorg
AS Colline1v1Sporting Ardenza
Bamboogie FC3v0FC Elbasan
FC Venuti2v1FC Mogadiscio
Thenderman1v3Griffin United
Sporting Ardenza2v2Royal Vanersboorg
FC Elbasan0v3Matteo's Team
FC Mogadiscio 1v1AS Colline
Griffin United1v1Bamboogie FC
FC Venuti2v1Thenderman
Bamboogie FC2v0FC Venuti
AS Colline2v2Griffin United
Matteo's Team0v0FC Mogadiscio
Royal Vanersboorg3v0FC Elbasan
Sporting Ardenza1v1Thenderman
FC Mogadiscio 1v0FC Elbasan
Griffin United0v3Sporting Ardenza
FC Venuti0v2Royal Vanersboorg
Bamboogie FC0v0Matteo's Team
AS Colline3v0Thenderman
FC Mogadiscio 0v2Griffin United
FC Elbasan0v0FC Venuti
Sporting Ardenza2v2Bamboogie FC
Royal Vanersboorg0v1AS Colline
Thenderman1v1Matteo's Team
FC Venuti2v0Griffin United
Bamboogie FC0v0FC Mogadiscio
AS Colline3v0FC Elbasan
Matteo's Team0v1Sporting Ardenza
Royal Vanersboorg1v0Thenderman
FC Elbasan0v1Sporting Ardenza
FC Mogadiscio 2v1Royal Vanersboorg
Griffin United2v1Matteo's Team
FC Venuti2v1AS Colline
Bamboogie FC0v0Thenderman
AS Colline0v0Bamboogie FC
Matteo's Team0v1FC Venuti
Royal Vanersboorg2v0Griffin United
Sporting Ardenza3v1FC Mogadiscio
FC Elbasan2v0Thenderman
AS Colline0v0Matteo's Team
Bamboogie FC0v2Royal Vanersboorg
FC Venuti3v0Sporting Ardenza
Griffin United3v0FC Elbasan
Thenderman1v0FC Mogadiscio
Royal Vanersboorg2v0Matteo's Team
Sporting Ardenza0v0AS Colline
FC Elbasan0v3Bamboogie FC
FC Mogadiscio 1v1FC Venuti
Griffin United1v0Thenderman
Royal Vanersboorg1v1Sporting Ardenza
Matteo's Team0v0FC Elbasan
AS Colline3v0FC Mogadiscio
Bamboogie FC3v0Griffin United
Thenderman0v0FC Venuti
FC Venuti0v1Bamboogie FC
Griffin United0v0AS Colline
FC Mogadiscio 1v1Matteo's Team
FC Elbasan0v3Royal Vanersboorg
Thenderman1v3Sporting Ardenza
FC Elbasan0v0FC Mogadiscio
Sporting Ardenza0v0Griffin United
Royal Vanersboorg1v0FC Venuti
Matteo's Team0v0Bamboogie FC
Thenderman1v1AS Colline
Griffin United2v2FC Mogadiscio
FC Venuti0v0FC Elbasan
Bamboogie FC1v1Sporting Ardenza
AS Colline1v0Royal Vanersboorg
Matteo's Team0v2Thenderman
Griffin United0v1FC Venuti
FC Mogadiscio 1v1Bamboogie FC
FC Elbasan0v1AS Colline
Sporting Ardenza0v0Matteo's Team
Thenderman1v0Royal Vanersboorg

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