Serie A Mondo Beta

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ajax / Emiliano Bordi21103214
2Corinthians / Massimiliano Bobetto11005143
3QPR / Michael Zuncheddu21102023
4Bologna / Domenico Tranquilla21013213
5Olympiacos / Francesco Errante21102113
6Werder Brema / Luigi Gianniello201123-11
7Sao Paulo / Andrea Russo100103-30
8Athletic Bilbao / Alessio Lorettu200227-50
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Bologna / Domenico Tranquilla3v0Sao Paulo / Andrea Russo
Corinthians / Massimiliano Bobetto5v1Athletic Bilbao / Alessio Lorettu
Athletic Bilbao / Alessio Lorettu1v2Ajax / Emiliano Bordi
Ajax / Emiliano Bordi1v1Werder Brema / Luigi Gianniello
Bologna / Domenico Tranquilla0v2QPR / Michael Zuncheddu
QPR / Michael Zuncheddu0v0Olympiacos / Francesco Errante
Olympiacos / Francesco Errante2v1Werder Brema / Luigi Gianniello

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