Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sonora Fc75021991015
2Campesinos 75021911815
3Columbus 64111861213
5Tigres 63211210211
6Milán Fc72321619-39
7Furia Fc.73041218-69
8Real Guanajuato 722315878
9Boca Jrs.72231014-48
11Inter 7007128-270

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Sonora Fc1v2Furia Fc.
Milán Fc1v0Columbus
Real Guanajuato 10v0Inter
Tigres 1v1Boca Jrs.
Campesinos 6v3Magson
Campesinos 2v0Inter
Real Guanajuato 1v1Milán Fc
Boca Jrs.2v1Sonora Fc
Columbus 5v2Furia Fc.
Boca Jrs.0v2Furia Fc.
Tigres 2v0Inter
Columbus 4v1Boca Jrs.
Sonora Fc4v1Magson
Real Guanajuato 0v2Campesinos
Milán Fc3v1Furia Fc.
Campesinos 3v1Milán Fc
Sonora Fc2v0Inter
Real Guanajuato 1v2Tigres
Inter 1v4Magson
Sonora Fc6v2Milán Fc
Campesinos 3v2Furia Fc.
Real Guanajuato 2v0Boca Jrs.
Boca Jrs.2v0None
Sonora Fc2v0Real Guanajuato
Furia Fc.1v6Magson
Milán Fc4v4Boca Jrs.
Columbus 6v0Inter
Tigres 2v1Campesinos
Sonora Fc3v2Campesinos
Tigres 4v4Milán Fc
Real Guanajuato 1v1Columbus
Inter 0v2Furia Fc.

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