Second Division California Soccer 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1San Diego540181712
2New Dream532082611
3Crystal Horses513156-16
4Club East512259-45
5The Bad Boys503215-43
6Street 77502348-42

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The Bad Boys0v2San Diego
New Dream2v1Street 77
Club East1v1Crystal Horses
New Dream4v0Club East
Crystal Horses1v1The Bad Boys
Street 770v2San Diego
Street 771v2Crystal Horses
San Diego0v1New Dream
Club East2v0The Bad Boys
New Dream1v1Crystal Horses
The Bad Boys0v0Street 77
San Diego2v0Club East
New Dream0v0The Bad Boys
Crystal Horses0v2San Diego
Club East2v2Street 77

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