Second annually league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Daniel Nelson 440052173512
2Banterless united 3300525479
3"THE CHAMPIONS"5302453879
5Fc bantalona51042860-323
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Fc bantalona5v11Daniel Nelson
Fc bantalona0v10Banterless united
Romasexuallys3v23Banterless united
"THE CHAMPIONS"1v16Daniel Nelson
"THE CHAMPIONS"12v8Fc bantalona
Romasexuallys1v10"THE CHAMPIONS"
Daniel Nelson 9v6TMNS
Fc bantalona13v8Romasexuallys
Daniel Nelson 16v5Romasexuallys
Banterless united 19v2Fc bantalona
"THE CHAMPIONS"22v6Romasexuallys

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