Scrabble League of Elitism, Season 4, Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)6402290702208
2Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)5302229961336
3Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)63033242241006
4Rick Fawns (Xoviat)6303186146406
5Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)520393187-944
6Bradley Whitmarsh420259259-2004
7Chris Lipe (spherulitic)410318217-1992

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Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v18Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v73Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v37Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v107Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)0v87Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)0v5Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v29Bradley Whitmarsh
Bradley Whitmarsh0v99Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Bradley Whitmarsh0v160Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)0v70Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)0v30Bradley Whitmarsh
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)0v69Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)0v67Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)0v91Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (scrabblek8)0v88Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennial)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v47Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v99Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v23Brian Leavitt (BlueFelly)

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