Scotia Group C

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Colin Scott871045192615
2James Kilpatrick853044172713
3Keith Arneil850338231510
4Bob Angus83413125610
5John Davie84223328510
6Raymond McKinlay8314252507
7Peter Lister82152437-135
8Charlie Campbell80171747-301
9Ryan McKinlay80171147-361
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Bob Angus0v0Raymond McKinlay
Peter Lister5v0Ryan McKinlay
Keith Arneil5v0Ryan McKinlay
John Davie5v0Raymond McKinlay
James Kilpatrick5v0Raymond McKinlay
James Kilpatrick6v2Charlie Campbell
Colin Scott5v3Ryan McKinlay
Bob Angus4v4James Kilpatrick
Charlie Campbell1v7Keith Arneil
Ryan McKinlay3v5John Davie
John Davie4v4Bob Angus
James Kilpatrick7v1Peter Lister
James Kilpatrick6v2Keith Arneil
Bob Angus5v3Keith Arneil
Bob Angus6v2Charlie Campbell
Raymond McKinlay3v5Keith Arneil
Charlie Campbell1v7Colin Scott
John Davie5v3Peter Lister
John Davie3v5Colin Scott
Charlie Campbell4v4Ryan McKinlay
Raymond McKinlay8v0Ryan McKinlay
Raymond McKinlay5v3Peter Lister
Raymond McKinlay3v5Colin Scott
Bob Angus1v7Colin Scott
Bob Angus7v1Ryan McKinlay
Peter Lister2v6Colin Scott
Charlie Campbell2v6Raymond McKinlay
John Davie2v6Keith Arneil
James Kilpatrick8v0Ryan McKinlay
John Davie5v3Charlie Campbell
Charlie Campbell2v6Peter Lister
Keith Arneil2v6Colin Scott
John Davie4v4James Kilpatrick
Peter Lister0v8Keith Arneil
James Kilpatrick4v4Colin Scott
Bob Angus4v4Peter Lister

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