Scotia Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1James Baillie861148163213
2John Kidd861142192313
3George Mckendrick851237271011
4Iain McAlpine842240241610
5Alec Lister85033331210
6Jock McNicol82242143-226
7Ross Purnell82152143-225
8Helen Beurskens82062437-134
9Anne White80081945-260

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Helen Beurskens0v8James Baillie
John Kidd0v5Helen Beurskens
Alec Lister5v3Anne White
Iain McAlpine6v2Ross Purnell
James Baillie5v3George Mckendrick
Alec Lister7v1George Mckendrick
Iain McAlpine7v1Anne White
John Kidd8v0Jock McNicol
Anne White3v5Jock McNicol
Iain McAlpine2v6John Kidd
Ross Purnell4v4Jock McNicol
Alec Lister7v1Jock McNicol
John Kidd6v2James Baillie
George Mckendrick5v3Helen Beurskens
Iain McAlpine4v4Jock McNicol
George Mckendrick4v4John Kidd
Anne White3v5John Kidd
James Baillie7v1Ross Purnell
Alec Lister5v3Helen Beurskens
Alec Lister0v8James Baillie
George Mckendrick5v3Anne White
Alec Lister0v8Iain McAlpine
Ross Purnell5v3Anne White
Helen Beurskens3v5Jock McNicol
Ross Purnell2v6Alec Lister
Helen Beurskens2v6Iain McAlpine
Jock McNicol2v6James Baillie
Ross Purnell2v6George Mckendrick
Alec Lister3v5John Kidd
George Mckendrick5v3Iain McAlpine
Helen Beurskens3v5Ross Purnell
James Baillie8v0Anne White
Jock McNicol0v8George Mckendrick
Ross Purnell0v8John Kidd
Helen Beurskens5v3Anne White
Iain McAlpine4v4James Baillie

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