Scotia Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andy Bell861139192013
2Jock Stewart852137241312
3Robert Hamilton843144202411
4Andrew McNicol843137241311
5Brian Anderson84223529610
6Billy Blair82422932-38
7Scott Henderson82062437-134
8Tony Jackson81162341-183
9Katie Wilson8008547-420

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Robert Hamilton6v2Tony Jackson
Andrew McNicol0v5Andy Bell
Katie Wilson0v5Scott Henderson
Katie Wilson0v5Jock Stewart
Katie Wilson0v5Billy Blair
Katie Wilson0v5Andy Bell
Scott Henderson2v6Brian Anderson
Robert Hamilton8v0Jock Stewart
Andrew McNicol7v1Brian Anderson
Tony Jackson4v4Billy Blair
Tony Jackson3v5Brian Anderson
Robert Hamilton2v6Andy Bell
Jock Stewart5v3Scott Henderson
Brian Anderson4v4Billy Blair
Andrew McNicol4v4Billy Blair
Andy Bell7v1Billy Blair
Jock Stewart4v4Andrew McNicol
Andrew McNicol6v2Katie Wilson
Tony Jackson6v2Katie Wilson
Jock Stewart4v4Andy Bell
Jock Stewart6v2Brian Anderson
Scott Henderson0v8Robert Hamilton
Katie Wilson0v8Robert Hamilton
Andy Bell2v6Brian Anderson
Andrew McNicol6v2Tony Jackson
Billy Blair6v2Scott Henderson
Brian Anderson4v4Robert Hamilton
Tony Jackson3v5Andy Bell
Scott Henderson3v5Andy Bell
Jock Stewart6v2Tony Jackson
Robert Hamilton4v4Billy Blair
Katie Wilson1v7Brian Anderson
Andrew McNicol6v2Scott Henderson
Tony Jackson1v7Scott Henderson
Billy Blair1v7Jock Stewart
Andrew McNicol4v4Robert Hamilton

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