School Games TT Qualifyer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Arran Lamont88001621416
2Kyle Sutherland8602135812
3Ryan Tully8503108210
4Ryan Spencer64029548
5Dean Hamon730479-26
6Jake Else620469-34
7Jordi Allsopp620458-34
8Cawley Eason8107414-102
9Josh Turton7106212-102
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Ryan Spencer0v2Arran Lamont
Ryan Tully2v1Jordi Allsopp
Josh Turton0v2Jake Else
Ryan Spencer2v0Jake Else
Ryan Tully2v0Josh Turton
Kyle Sutherland2v0Jordi Allsopp
Dean Hamon2v0Josh Turton
Jordi Allsopp2v0Cawley Eason
Arran Lamont2v0Ryan Tully
Ryan Tully2v0Cawley Eason
Dean Hamon2v0Jordi Allsopp
Arran Lamont2v0Kyle Sutherland
Dean Hamon0v2Arran Lamont
Ryan Tully2v0Jake Else
Kyle Sutherland1v2Ryan Spencer
Josh Turton2v0Cawley Eason
Arran Lamont2v1Jake Else
Ryan Tully2v1Dean Hamon
Kyle Sutherland2v0Josh Turton
Ryan Spencer2v0Cawley Eason
Arran Lamont2v0Jordi Allsopp
Kyle Sutherland2v1Jake Else
Kyle Sutherland2v0Cawley Eason
Dean Hamon0v2Cawley Eason
Dean Hamon2v1Ryan Spencer
Arran Lamont2v0Josh Turton
Jake Else2v1Cawley Eason
Kyle Sutherland2v0Ryan Tully
Jordi Allsopp2v0Josh Turton
Arran Lamont2v1Cawley Eason
Kyle Sutherland2v0Dean Hamon
Ryan Spencer2v0Ryan Tully

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