Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brantford Public157263549-1423
2Oakville Catholic3300202189
3Hamilton United3300175129
4London Public3300153129
5Burlington Public330010469
6Brantford Catholic1530123658-229
7Toronto Public3210131037
8Hamilton Public320112846
9Toronto Catholic320178-16
10Toronto United3120111015
11Burlington Catholic41129904
12Hamilton Catholic41121213-14
13Oakville Public31028803
14Mississauga Public3102712-53
15Kitchener Public3012510-51
16Mississauga Catholic3003210-80
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Burlington Catholic4v4Hamilton Catholic
Brantford Public4v4Toronto United
Brantford Public4v5Toronto Public
Brantford Public4v1Toronto Catholic
Brantford Public3v2Oakville Public
Brantford Public0v8Oakville Catholic
Brantford Public3v2Mississauga Public
Brantford Public3v0Mississauga Catholic
Brantford Public1v7London Public
Brantford Public2v2Kitchener Public
Brantford Public1v6Hamilton United
Brantford Public1v5Hamilton Public
Brantford Public3v2Hamilton Catholic
Brantford Public2v4Burlington Public
Brantford Public2v1Burlington Catholic
Brantford Catholic2v3Toronto United
Brantford Catholic2v4Toronto Public
Brantford Catholic2v3Toronto Catholic
Brantford Catholic2v4Oakville Public
Brantford Catholic2v7Oakville Catholic
Brantford Catholic4v5Mississauga Public
Brantford Catholic4v2Mississauga Catholic
Brantford Catholic2v5London Public
Brantford Catholic3v2Kitchener Public
Brantford Catholic3v6Hamilton United
Brantford Catholic4v3Hamilton Public
Brantford Catholic2v3Hamilton Catholic
Brantford Catholic2v5Burlington Public
Brantford Catholic2v4Burlington Catholic
Toronto United4v4Toronto Public
Toronto Catholic3v2Oakville Public
Mississauga Public0v5Oakville Catholic
Mississauga Catholic0v3London Public
Kitchener Public1v5Hamilton United
Hamilton Public4v3Hamilton Catholic
Burlington Catholic0v1Burlington Public
Brantford Catholic0v2Brantford Public

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