Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Farts of Midlothian770036425111321
2Super Ted FC76013922989418
3Exeter Gently75023953098615
5Northern Borras75023853394615
6FC Des7502316314215
7The Pain Train7502308316-815
8The Hotspuds74033523272512
9Dougie Town Athletic7304325334-99
10Borussia Teeth7304272344-729
11Cacos n Bacos7205299339-406
12The PeterDevines7205292339-476
13Egg Fried Reus7205309389-806
14The Jager Bombers7106284313-293
15Pearson FC7106246369-1233

Viewed 234 times

Pearson FC25v41The Hotspuds
Dougie Town Athletic42v24The PeterDevines
The Pain Train27v25The Jager Bombers
Super Ted FC41v47Borussia Teeth
Average42v47Northern Borras
FC Des37v35Exeter Gently
Farts of Midlothian38v20Egg Fried Reus
Thatcherites28v29Cacos n Bacos
Exeter Gently81v46Egg Fried Reus
Northern Borras35v59Thatcherites
Borussia Teeth46v60Farts of Midlothian
The Jager Bombers47v48FC Des
The PeterDevines54v45Average
The Hotspuds30v58Super Ted FC
Pearson FC45v56The Pain Train
Cacos n Bacos53v38Dougie Town Athletic
Dougie Town Athletic53v48Pearson FC
The Pain Train54v75The Hotspuds
Super Ted FC71v59The PeterDevines
Average48v59The Jager Bombers
FC Des35v50Borussia Teeth
Farts of Midlothian64v47Northern Borras
Thatcherites46v54Exeter Gently
Egg Fried Reus52v41Cacos n Bacos
Northern Borras50v30Exeter Gently
Borussia Teeth53v36Egg Fried Reus
The Jager Bombers20v23Thatcherites
The PeterDevines25v33Farts of Midlothian
The Hotspuds57v21FC Des
Pearson FC47v43Average
Dougie Town Athletic41v47Super Ted FC
Cacos n Bacos22v34The Pain Train
The Pain Train37v35Dougie Town Athletic
Super Ted FC51v27Pearson FC
Average42v48The Hotspuds
FC Des47v36The PeterDevines
Farts of Midlothian32v31The Jager Bombers
Thatcherites45v7Borussia Teeth
Egg Fried Reus49v66Northern Borras
Exeter Gently56v44Cacos n Bacos
Borussia Teeth39v76Northern Borras
The Jager Bombers56v88Exeter Gently
The PeterDevines64v59Egg Fried Reus
The Hotspuds52v68Thatcherites
Pearson FC33v78Farts of Midlothian
Dougie Town Athletic68v81FC Des
The Pain Train60v57Average
Cacos n Bacos54v67Super Ted FC
Super Ted FC57v40The Pain Train
Average44v48Dougie Town Athletic
FC Des47v21Pearson FC
Farts of Midlothian59v49The Hotspuds
Thatcherites42v30The PeterDevines
Egg Fried Reus47v46The Jager Bombers
Exeter Gently51v30Borussia Teeth
Northern Borras64v56Cacos n Bacos

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