Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Concordia Stingers5401122784412
2Montréal Carabins430111057539
3Laval ROUGE et or430110475299
4Mcgill Redmen 410373150-773
5Saint - Hyacinthe Wolves00000000
6Trois Rivière Eagles00000000
7Bishop Gaiters1001721-140
8Sherbrooke Verts et or400466101-350

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Bishop Gaiters7v21Concordia Stingers
Montréal Carabins23v19Mcgill Redmen
Laval ROUGE et or3v41Concordia Stingers
Mcgill Redmen 24v12Sherbrooke Verts et or
Sherbrooke Verts et or18v24Concordia Stingers
Montréal Carabins6v7Laval ROUGE et or
Sherbrooke Verts et or14v29Concordia Stingers
Laval ROUGE et or70v6Mcgill Redmen
Concordia Stingers7v36Montréal Carabins
Montréal Carabins45v24Mcgill Redmen
Sherbrooke Verts et or22v24Laval ROUGE et or

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