Route 66 Singles League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Nathan James00000000
2Nicky Rogers00000000
3Morgan Jones00000000
4Mark Evans00000000
5Lyn Thomas00000000
6Paul Martin00000000
7Paul Mason00000000
8Stephen Slee00000000
9Stuart Meikle00000000
10Stephen Kelliher00000000
11Rob Morgan00000000
12Paul Thomas00000000
13Leon Casley00000000
14Kieran Piper00000000
15Chris Jones00000000
16Daniel Larkin00000000
17Chris Holcombe00000000
18Carl Beynon00000000
19Bryn Reynolds00000000
20David Dinham00000000
21Gavin Stevens00000000
22Justin Sollis00000000
23Jordan Morgan00000000
24Jeff O'Callaghan00000000
25Jason Thomas00000000
26Alan Sharp00000000
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