Romford Premier League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Matt Bell43016249
2Young Biscuit42206248
3Barry The Biscuit42206248
4Jack Bennett42206338
5Tony Bullen42116337
6James Pryce42115327
7Big Boy Dave42115327
9Nick Hanshaw41305326
10Odds On Jolly41214405
11Leighton Davies41214405
13George Burton41214405
15Paul Bunker412145-15
16Indian Raider40404404
17Claudia Wray40404404
18Shawfield Punter411235-24
19Tom Francis411235-24
20Jamie Brinkley411235-24
23Dan Catchpole403145-13
24Paul Tuson403135-23
25Dave Kay403135-23
26Kenny Mulcahy403135-23
28Alex Boddy402226-42

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ValueManMatt1v1Big Boy Dave
Paul Tuson1v1DogLayer
Claudia Wray1v1Indian Raider
George Burton2v0James Pryce
Jack Bennett2v1Tony Bullen
Paul Bunker2v1Dan Catchpole
Nick Hanshaw2v0Tom Francis
Dave Kay0v2Matt Bell
Chappa361v1Leighton Davies
Kenny Mulcahy1v1Young Biscuit
Koosh2v0Shawfield Punter
Alex Boddy1v1Odds On Jolly
Jamie Brinkley1v1Barry The Biscuit
Dan Catchpole1v1Kenny Mulcahy
Claudia Wray1v1George Burton
Indian Raider1v1Jack Bennett
James Pryce2v0Paul Bunker
Tony Bullen1v1Dave Kay
Dan Catchpole1v1Nick Hanshaw
Matt Bell0v2Chappa36
Tom Francis1v1Kenny Mulcahy
Leighton Davies2v0Koosh
Young Biscuit2v0Fatwaz
Shawfield Punter2v0Alex Boddy
Buzby2v0Jamie Brinkley
Odds On Jolly2v0ValueManMatt
Barry The Biscuit2v0Paul Tuson
DogLayer2v0Big Boy Dave
Chappa360v2Tony Bullen
Koosh0v2Matt Bell
Fatwaz0v2Tom Francis
Jamie Brinkley0v2Young Biscuit
Jack Bennett2v0George Burton
Big Boy Dave2v0Odds On Jolly
Paul Bunker1v1Claudia Wray
Dave Kay1v1Indian Raider
Nick Hanshaw1v1James Pryce
Alex Boddy1v1Leighton Davies
ValueManMatt1v1Shawfield Punter
Paul Tuson1v1Buzby
Barry The Biscuit1v1DogLayer
Jack Bennett1v1Paul Bunker
George Burton1v1Dave Kay
Claudia Wray1v1Nick Hanshaw
Indian Raider1v1Chappa36
James Pryce2v0Kenny Mulcahy
Tony Bullen2v0Koosh
Dan Catchpole1v1Fatwaz
Matt Bell2v0Alex Boddy
Tom Francis0v2Jamie Brinkley
Leighton Davies0v2ValueManMatt
Young Biscuit1v1Paul Tuson
Shawfield Punter0v2Big Boy Dave
Buzby0v2Barry The Biscuit
DogLayer1v1Odds On Jolly

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