Rocket league A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Said/ Dani Castelló5401159612
2Dani F/Javi54011914512
3Jon / Ali6303151509
4David F / Alexander6303141409
5Pol / Dimitri6303131309
7Pablo / Dani C6105816-83

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Pablo / Dani C0v1Pol / Dimitri
Pablo / Dani C0v1David F / Alexander
Pablo / Dani C0v1Jon / Ali
Dani F/Javi3v2Tania/Paul
Dani F/Javi3v6Pol / Dimitri
Pol / Dimitri3v1Said/ Dani Castelló
Tania/Paul3v2Jon / Ali
Jon / Ali4v1Pol / Dimitri
Tania/Paul4v7Pablo / Dani C
Pol / Dimitri1v2David F / Alexander
Said/ Dani Castelló2v1Tania/Paul
Said/ Dani Castelló4v3Jon / Ali
Tania/Paul3v4David F / Alexander
Tania/Paul3v1Pol / Dimitri
Said/ Dani Castelló3v2David F / Alexander
Said/ Dani Castelló5v0Pablo / Dani C
Dani F/Javi4v3David F / Alexander
Jon / Ali2v5Dani F/Javi
Jon / Ali3v2David F / Alexander
Dani F/Javi4v1Pablo / Dani C

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