rifdi syah

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fat Uncle Football Club65011761115
2Team Virus Football Club44001641212
3Boom Football Club32017346
4FC Serondeng4202101006
5El Ganadoes FC52031015-56
6SmS Football Club3111101004
7Rider Reloaded FC210178-13
8Le Masial Football Club4103410-63
9Partizen Hertha FC4013818-101
10ANZA Football Club300338-50

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Fat Uncle Football Club1v2Team Virus Football Club
SmS Football Club4v2FC Serondeng
ANZA Football Club0v2Le Masial Football Club
Partizen Hertha FC1v2Boom Football Club
El Ganadoes FC2v3FC Serondeng
Le Masial Football Club0v2Fat Uncle Football Club
Partizen Hertha FC4v4SmS Football Club
El Ganadoes FC4v2Partizen Hertha FC
Le Masial Football Club0v5FC Serondeng
Fat Uncle Football Club1v0ANZA Football Club
El Ganadoes FC0v4Boom Football Club
Rider Reloaded FC2v5Fat Uncle Football Club
Team Virus Football Club8v1Partizen Hertha FC
Team Virus Football Club2v1Boom Football Club
FC Serondeng0v4Fat Uncle Football Club
El Ganadoes FC3v2Le Masial Football Club
Rider Reloaded FC5v3ANZA Football Club
El Ganadoes FC1v4Team Virus Football Club
Fat Uncle Football Club4v2SmS Football Club

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