Rhyl and District Under 9's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rhuddlan Madrid751140182216
2Cymru Comet Flames74212381514
3Abergele United64202051514
4Prestatyn Athletic541030102013
5Pentre Rangers94142423113
6Cymru Comets733129121712
7Kinmel Bay733123111212
8St Asaph73132116510
9Prestatyn Celtic42021216-46
10Rhuddlan Rangers82062137-166
11Prestatyn Rangers51131519-44
12Pentre Athletic80171248-361
13Pentre Panthers6006148-470
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Rhuddlan Madrid6v1Rhuddlan Rangers
Prestatyn Celtic3v2St Asaph
Prestatyn Athletic4v4Cymru Comets
Pentre Rangers4v3Kinmel Bay
Pentre Athletic0v6Cymru Comet Flames
Cymru Comets7v1Pentre Athletic
Cymru Comet Flames2v0Pentre Rangers
Prestatyn Rangers2v0Rhuddlan Rangers
Pentre Rangers2v2Cymru Comets
Pentre Panthers0v8Cymru Comet Flames
Pentre Athletic0v3Abergele United
St Asaph5v1Pentre Athletic
Rhuddlan Rangers0v9Prestatyn Athletic
Rhuddlan Madrid7v5Prestatyn Rangers
Cymru Comets9v0Pentre Panthers
Cymru Comet Flames1v1Kinmel Bay
Abergele United4v2Pentre Rangers
Prestatyn Rangers4v7Prestatyn Celtic
Prestatyn Athletic4v3Rhuddlan Madrid
Pentre Rangers2v3St Asaph
Pentre Panthers0v8Abergele United
Pentre Athletic4v9Rhuddlan Rangers
Kinmel Bay3v2Cymru Comets
St Asaph9v0Pentre Panthers
Rhuddlan Rangers1v3Pentre Rangers
Rhuddlan Madrid9v2Pentre Athletic
Prestatyn Celtic1v6Prestatyn Athletic
Abergele United1v1Kinmel Bay
Pentre Rangers4v5Rhuddlan Madrid
Pentre Panthers1v6Rhuddlan Rangers
Kinmel Bay5v0St Asaph
Cymru Comet Flames0v2Abergele United
St Asaph2v2Cymru Comet Flames
Rhuddlan Rangers1v8Kinmel Bay
Rhuddlan Madrid8v0Pentre Panthers
Prestatyn Rangers2v2Pentre Athletic
Prestatyn Celtic1v4Pentre Rangers
Abergele United2v2Cymru Comets
Pentre Rangers3v2Prestatyn Rangers
Pentre Athletic2v7Prestatyn Athletic
Kinmel Bay2v2Rhuddlan Madrid
Cymru Comets3v0St Asaph
Cymru Comet Flames4v3Rhuddlan Rangers

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