Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Ando FC431050510
3Hodor Utd43019279
4FC Nutters33004139
5Woods Wonders42117437
6Key FC42117437
7Rancic Rovers42114137
8Los Gallacticos412145-15
9AFC Clunge 403123-13
11Grim Reapers402239-62
12YNWA Albion401327-51
13Boats n Hoes401329-71
14KB Dons300305-50

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Ando FC1v0Key FC
AFC Clunge 0v0Los Gallacticos
Woods Wonders3v1Boats n Hoes
DiscoStu2v1YNWA Albion
Rancic Rovers2v0KB Dons
Justys111v0Hodor Utd
Grim Reapers1v2FC Nutters
Ando FC0v0AFC Clunge
Key FC2v2Woods Wonders
Los Gallacticos2v1DiscoStu
Boats n Hoes0v2Rancic Rovers
YNWA Albion0v2Justys11
Hodor Utd5v0Grim Reapers
Los Gallacticos1v1Boats n Hoes
Key FC2v0YNWA Albion
Ando FC1v0KB Dons
AFC Clunge 1v2Hodor Utd
Woods Wonders0v1FC Nutters
Grim Reapers0v0Rancic Rovers
Los Gallacticos1v3Key FC
Boats n Hoes0v3Ando FC
YNWA Albion1v1AFC Clunge
KB Dons0v2Woods Wonders
Hodor Utd2v0DiscoStu
FC Nutters1v0Rancic Rovers
Justys112v2Grim Reapers

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