RedDevil's English Football Premiership

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Unbelievable Jeff96302314921
2Chopper's Boppers96211910920
3The Fighting Mongooses95221610617
4Yid Army85031711615
5Boring Team Name94231010014
6Sapporo Dragons9342107313
7Essendon FC834174313
8Just too damn good9342119213
9Team Names Are Crap941488013
10The Lucky Lads9333710-312
11JLAA FC93331317-412
12Golasooo FC9252118311
13Can't think of a cool name93151217-510
14FC Tangalala9234151509
15Dinamo Largs9234611-59
16King's Park Rangers9306611-59
17Halton Linnets9135916-76
18The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC 9018416-121

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The Lucky Lads1v1Unbelievable Jeff
The Fighting Mongooses4v0JLAA FC
The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC 0v2Golasooo FC
King's Park Rangers1v2Team Names Are Crap
Sapporo Dragons2v0Dinamo Largs
Chopper's Boppers3v2FC Tangalala
Can't think of a cool name0v2Just too damn good
Boring Team Name1v0Halton Linnets
Just too damn good0v1King's Park Rangers
Yid Army3v2The Lucky Lads
Dinamo Largs1v1Essendon FC
FC Tangalala0v0Boring Team Name
Golasooo FC2v2Sapporo Dragons
Team Names Are Crap2v1The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC
Unbelievable Jeff3v1The Fighting Mongooses
JLAA FC2v1Chopper's Boppers
Halton Linnets2v3Can't think of a cool name
The Fighting Mongooses3v2Yid Army
Chopper's Boppers4v4Unbelievable Jeff
Essendon FC0v0Golasooo FC
Sapporo Dragons1v0Team Names Are Crap
Can't think of a cool name1v4FC Tangalala
The Lucky Lads2v1Dinamo Largs
The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC 0v1King's Park Rangers
Boring Team Name0v1JLAA FC
Halton Linnets1v1Just too damn good
Just too damn good2v1The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC
King's Park Rangers2v0Sapporo Dragons
Unbelievable Jeff3v0Boring Team Name
FC Tangalala3v1Halton Linnets
Dinamo Largs0v0The Fighting Mongooses
Golasooo FC4v0The Lucky Lads
JLAA FC2v0Can't think of a cool name
Team Names Are Crap0v1Essendon FC
Yid Army0v2Chopper's Boppers
The Fighting Mongooses2v1Golasooo FC
The Lucky Lads0v1Team Names Are Crap
Can't think of a cool name0v1Unbelievable Jeff
Boring Team Name2v1Yid Army
Chopper's Boppers2v0Dinamo Largs
Sapporo Dragons3v0The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC
Essendon FC2v0King's Park Rangers
FC Tangalala1v1Just too damn good
Halton Linnets1v0JLAA FC
The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC 1v2Essendon FC
Just too damn good1v1Sapporo Dragons
King's Park Rangers0v1The Lucky Lads
Team Names Are Crap3v1The Fighting Mongooses
Yid Army3v2Can't think of a cool name
Unbelievable Jeff3v2Halton Linnets
JLAA FC2v2FC Tangalala
Golasooo FC1v3Chopper's Boppers
Dinamo Largs1v3Boring Team Name
Essendon FC1v1Sapporo Dragons
The Lucky Lads0v0The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC
The Fighting Mongooses4v1King's Park Rangers
Chopper's Boppers0v0Can't think of a cool name
Boring Team Name0v0Golasooo FC
Team Names Are Crap0v1Dinamo Largs
Halton Linnets0v3Yid Army
FC Tangalala3v4Unbelievable Jeff
JLAA FC3v3Just too damn good
Unbelievable Jeff3v3JLAA FC
Yid Army2v0FC Tangalala
Dinamo Largs1v1Halton Linnets
Golasooo FC0v0Team Names Are Crap
Can't think of a cool name4v3Boring Team Name
King's Park Rangers0v1Chopper's Boppers
The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC 0v1The Fighting Mongooses
Sapporo Dragons0v1The Lucky Lads
Just too damn good1v0Essendon FC
The Lucky Lads0v0Essendon FC
The Fighting Mongooses0v0Sapporo Dragons
Chopper's Boppers3v1The Unbelievably Sexy Pimps FC
Boring Team Name1v0King's Park Rangers
Can't think of a cool name2v0Team Names Are Crap
Halton Linnets1v1Golasooo FC
FC Tangalala0v1Dinamo Largs
JLAA FC0v3Yid Army
Unbelievable Jeff1v0Just too damn good

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