Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Evergreen Hill SS96211851320
2Middleton SS for the Boys9432159615
4St.Anns 93331313012
5Balintore SS31114404
7Anthill Collage Cork301236-31
9Dunil Collage 400419-80
10Chelmorton SS3003315-120

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CCN3v1Dunil Collage
Evergreen Hill SS6v2Chelmorton SS
Evergreen Hill SS2v0Anthill Collage Cork
Evergreen Hill SS2v0ANA
Evergreen Hill SS2v0Balintore SS
Evergreen Hill SS0v0Valindale
Evergreen Hill SS2v0Dunil Collage
Evergreen Hill SS0v1CCN
Middleton SS for the Boys5v1Chelmorton SS
Middleton SS for the Boys2v1Anthill Collage Cork
Middleton SS for the Boys2v0ANA
Middleton SS for the Boys1v1Balintore SS
Middleton SS for the Boys0v0Valindale
Middleton SS for the Boys2v0Dunil Collage
Middleton SS for the Boys0v2CCN
Middleton SS for the Boys2v2Evergreen Hill SS
St.Anns 4v0Chelmorton SS
St.Anns 2v2Anthill Collage Cork
St.Anns 0v0ANA
St.Anns 1v3Balintore SS
St.Anns 2v2Valindale
St.Anns 2v0Dunil Collage
St.Anns 0v3CCN
St.Anns 0v2Evergreen Hill SS
St.Anns 2v1Middleton SS for the Boys