Reach 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1House Footly106131617-119
2House Fossoway 95222015517
3House Costayne 95132217516
4House Beesbury 93332420412
5House Florent 93331312112
6House Bulwer 93242218411
7House Caswell93241213-111
8House Ashford 93241924-511
9House Crane 103161220-810
10House Appleton 91531519-48

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House Crane 0v2House Footly
House Crane 0v2House Footly
House Florent 3v1House Fossoway
House Bulwer 3v0House Caswell
House Costayne 3v3House Ashford
House Beesbury 1v1House Appleton
House Crane 1v2House Footly
House Beesbury 3v3House Florent
House Bulwer 0v1House Costayne
House Ashford 0v3House Fossoway
House Caswell0v2House Appleton
House Fossoway 3v2House Crane
House Footly0v3House Beesbury
House Caswell2v0House Ashford
House Florent 1v3House Bulwer
House Costayne 3v2House Appleton
House Footly2v4House Fossoway
House Crane 0v4House Costayne
House Caswell0v0House Florent
House Bulwer 4v4House Beesbury
House Appleton 3v3House Ashford
House Beesbury 3v4House Ashford
House Costayne 3v4House Caswell
House Florent 1v3House Fossoway
House Bulwer 1v2House Crane
House Appleton 1v1House Footly
House Footly1v0House Costayne
House Beesbury 2v0House Caswell
House Fossoway 2v1House Bulwer
House Crane 4v0House Appleton
House Ashford 2v0House Florent
House Caswell1v2House Footly
House Ashford 0v3House Bulwer
House Appleton 2v2House Fossoway
House Crane 0v0House Florent
House Costayne 1v3House Beesbury
House Beesbury 2v3House Crane
House Florent 1v0House Appleton
House Fossoway 1v1House Caswell
House Footly4v3House Ashford
House Bulwer 3v4House Costayne
House Florent 4v0House Footly
House Costayne 3v1House Fossoway
House Caswell4v0House Crane
House Ashford 4v3House Beesbury
House Appleton 4v4House Bulwer

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