RAMADAN Basketball Tournament 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Meen Sara2 L3amoud ?440068264212
2The Black MAMBAS43015327269
3Marco Polo41032639-133
5Royal Rumble41033060-303

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Shalabasta12v9Royal Rumble
The Black MAMBAS12v15Meen Sara2 L3amoud ?
Marco Polo5v10Meen Sara2 L3amoud ?
Marco Polo11v9Shalabasta
The Black MAMBAS16v4Shalabasta
Meen Sara2 L3amoud ?17v3Shalabasta
Royal Rumble5v15The Black MAMBAS
Royal Rumble10v7Marco Polo
Royal Rumble6v26Meen Sara2 L3amoud ?
Marco Polo3v10The Black MAMBAS

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