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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Reverend And The Makers2112812992044
2Leaps Losers22135431171444
3Colour City229763327634
4Hamilton FC219752822634
5The Pussycats219662520533
6Real Kellyville199552316732
7Steel City Blades219482923631
9Stato Leeds Again215791822-422
10Aston Villains1962111527-1220
11Scammonden Daoists2145121528-1317
12The Class Reunion2215161347-348

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Steel City Blades0v0Reverend And The Makers
The Class Reunion0v0Leaps Losers
Leaps Losers3v1Colour City
Colour City1v1!!!!!
Leaps Losers1v0!!!!!
The Class Reunion0v2Hamilton FC
Stato Leeds Again2v2!!!!!
Steel City Blades1v0Aston Villains
Aston Villains2v4!!!!!
Aston Villains1v0The Pussycats
!!!!!1v0Real Kellyville
Steel City Blades3v0Scammonden Daoists
Scammonden Daoists2v1The Class Reunion
Scammonden Daoists1v3Leaps Losers
!!!!!3v0Scammonden Daoists
Leaps Losers3v2Hamilton FC
Real Kellyville1v1The Class Reunion
Real Kellyville1v1Leaps Losers
Real Kellyville1v0Hamilton FC
Hamilton FC1v0Scammonden Daoists
!!!!!1v2Hamilton FC
Steel City Blades2v1Colour City
Scammonden Daoists0v1Real Kellyville
The Class Reunion1v1Steel City Blades
Reverend And The Makers1v0Stato Leeds Again
Stato Leeds Again1v1The Pussycats
Aston Villains1v0Stato Leeds Again
Reverend And The Makers4v2!!!!!
Colour City1v0Scammonden Daoists
Hamilton FC1v1Colour City
Leaps Losers2v1Steel City Blades
Hamilton FC0v1Steel City Blades
Steel City Blades2v3Hamilton FC
!!!!!2v1Steel City Blades
Steel City Blades1v0!!!!!
Colour City2v2Real Kellyville
The Pussycats2v3Hamilton FC
Stato Leeds Again3v1The Class Reunion
Steel City Blades3v0Real Kellyville
The Pussycats0v0Reverend And The Makers
Reverend And The Makers2v1Aston Villains
The Class Reunion2v0Aston Villains
Aston Villains1v2Leaps Losers
The Pussycats1v0Steel City Blades
The Pussycats2v1!!!!!
The Class Reunion0v4!!!!!
The Class Reunion1v3Reverend And The Makers
Colour City2v0Stato Leeds Again
Reverend And The Makers1v0Colour City
Leaps Losers0v0Reverend And The Makers
Stato Leeds Again1v2Leaps Losers
Hamilton FC1v1Real Kellyville
Leaps Losers0v1Aston Villains
The Pussycats4v0The Class Reunion
Scammonden Daoists1v0Stato Leeds Again
Reverend And The Makers1v0Scammonden Daoists
Colour City1v0The Pussycats
Stato Leeds Again3v1Hamilton FC
The Pussycats1v1Leaps Losers
!!!!!2v0The Class Reunion
Aston Villains2v1The Class Reunion
Scammonden Daoists0v1The Pussycats
The Pussycats1v0Scammonden Daoists
Aston Villains1v1Colour City
Hamilton FC0v0Reverend And The Makers
Hamilton FC2v0!!!!!
!!!!!0v0Aston Villains
Steel City Blades4v1The Class Reunion
Leaps Losers2v1The Pussycats
Real Kellyville1v0Stato Leeds Again
Colour City2v0The Class Reunion
Real Kellyville0v1Steel City Blades
Real Kellyville2v0!!!!!
Reverend And The Makers1v1Hamilton FC
Stato Leeds Again1v2Real Kellyville
Hamilton FC1v1Stato Leeds Again
The Class Reunion1v3Colour City
Colour City3v1Aston Villains
Scammonden Daoists0v0Reverend And The Makers
Steel City Blades1v2Leaps Losers
The Pussycats2v1Colour City
The Class Reunion1v2The Pussycats
Stato Leeds Again1v1Scammonden Daoists
Real Kellyville1v0Scammonden Daoists
Reverend And The Makers1v0Leaps Losers
Leaps Losers1v0Stato Leeds Again
Scammonden Daoists1v1Steel City Blades
Aston Villains1v3Steel City Blades
Leaps Losers1v2Real Kellyville
Hamilton FC0v0Leaps Losers
Colour City2v2Reverend And The Makers
Scammonden Daoists1v2Hamilton FC
Reverend And The Makers4v1The Class Reunion
Stato Leeds Again1v1Colour City
Colour City3v1Steel City Blades
Scammonden Daoists2v2!!!!!
Aston Villains1v0Reverend And The Makers
The Class Reunion0v0Stato Leeds Again
Real Kellyville1v2Colour City
The Class Reunion0v3Real Kellyville
Leaps Losers3v0Scammonden Daoists
!!!!!1v2The Pussycats
The Pussycats2v0Aston Villains
Reverend And The Makers0v0The Pussycats
The Class Reunion0v2Scammonden Daoists
Hamilton FC1v1The Class Reunion
Colour City1v2Hamilton FC
!!!!!0v4Reverend And The Makers
Stato Leeds Again1v0Aston Villains
Scammonden Daoists2v2Colour City
The Pussycats0v1Stato Leeds Again
!!!!!1v2Leaps Losers
Real Kellyville3v0Aston Villains
Steel City Blades2v2The Pussycats
Colour City1v0Leaps Losers
Aston Villains2v0Hamilton FC
The Pussycats1v1Real Kellyville
Reverend And The Makers2v0Steel City Blades
!!!!!1v1Stato Leeds Again
Steel City Blades0v1Stato Leeds Again
Real Kellyville0v1Reverend And The Makers
Hamilton FC3v0The Pussycats
Scammonden Daoists2v0Aston Villains
Leaps Losers2v0The Class Reunion
Stato Leeds Again0v2Reverend And The Makers
!!!!!3v1Colour City