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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Alpa Island11003213
2North Anklon Centre00000000
3Zübek City FC00000000
4Zuther City00000000
5Xeniophire Magic00000000
6Welbeno Albion00000000
7Vienold and Rak Albion00000000
8Telbac City00000000
9Sunbath City00000000
10Spetano Wednesday00000000
11Seacity FC00000000
12Quenthouse Town00000000
13Nithlyk City FC00000000
14Dewalo city00000000
15Missinlow FC00000000
17Hellbury Mountain FC00000000
18Fußbandra Centre00000000
19Fussbandri United00000000
20Fussbanda City FC00000000
21Fencable United00000000
22Felinia City00000000
23Erebor City00000000
24Dhakan City00000000
25Brint and Oleby Albion100123-10

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Alpa Island3v2Brint and Oleby Albion