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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Fc Beercelona3430132588017891
3Pedros Wanderers3424192061406673
4Newjax 3320211157995862
6FC Greenbridge321877130805061
7Pro Stars United3418115137143-655
8Murder on Zidane's Floor FC3316017158159-148
9Pathetic Athletic33146139799-248
10Red Hill FC3313713148140846
11Boca Seniors3314118133162-2943
12Inter Minan3312219119126-738
13Red Army3312219168178-1038
14Real Sosobad3410321133143-1033
15Exeter Gently FC29751792166-7426
16Silence of the Iahms338124103225-12225
17Underdogs FC34412966225-15913
18Real Oak34242875217-14210

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Beamish10v0Pathetic Athletic
Boca Seniors4v3Newjax
Coke4v8Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Real Oak1v6Silence of the Iahms
Real Sosobad6v1Underdogs FC
Red Hill FC4v5Pro Stars United
Pro Stars United2v7Red Army
Real Sosobad6v1Real Oak
Silence of the Iahms3v5Pedros Wanderers
Underdogs FC2v9Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Fc Beercelona4v1Inter Minan
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC9v8Red Army
Pathetic Athletic1v4Beamish
Pedros Wanderers2v2FC Greenbridge
Real Oak3v4Newjax
Real Sosobad1v8Fc Beercelona
Red Hill FC7v2Boca Seniors
Silence of the Iahms2v5Pro Stars United
Boca Seniors9v3Real Oak
Coke6v3Pro Stars United
Exeter Gently FC0v10Pedros Wanderers
Inter Minan9v2Silence of the Iahms
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC4v0FC Greenbridge
Newjax 2v3Pathetic Athletic
Underdogs FC1v10Red Army
Fc Beercelona3v9Beamish
Coke4v3Red Hill FC
FC Greenbridge10v0Silence of the Iahms
Inter Minan3v5Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Newjax 3v4Fc Beercelona
Pathetic Athletic2v4Exeter Gently FC
Pedros Wanderers7v6Real Sosobad
Red Army4v8Beamish
Underdogs FC8v0Boca Seniors
Coke3v6Pedros Wanderers
Exeter Gently FC3v6Pro Stars United
FC Greenbridge6v2Inter Minan
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC4v1Newjax
Real Oak0v8Beamish
Real Sosobad2v1Pathetic Athletic
Red Army3v7Red Hill FC
Fc Beercelona15v1Underdogs FC
Boca Seniors4v5Fc Beercelona
FC Greenbridge2v0Newjax
Pathetic Athletic4v2Pro Stars United
Pedros Wanderers12v1Real Oak
Real Sosobad5v6Inter Minan
Red Hill FC6v2Underdogs FC
Silence of the Iahms6v3Exeter Gently FC
Beamish6v2FC Greenbridge
Coke4v1Silence of the Iahms
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC4v6Pro Stars United
Newjax 7v0Underdogs FC
Pathetic Athletic2v4Fc Beercelona
Pedros Wanderers7v3Boca Seniors
Real Sosobad4v4Red Army
Red Hill FC5v5Real Oak
Beamish7v6Pedros Wanderers
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC8v4Real Oak
Pro Stars United5v1FC Greenbridge
Real Sosobad2v5Newjax
Red Army3v6Inter Minan
Silence of the Iahms4v8Boca Seniors
Underdogs FC1v3Pathetic Athletic
Fc Beercelona5v2Coke
Boca Seniors1v3Inter Minan
Coke2v2FC Greenbridge
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC4v5Red Hill FC
Pro Stars United1v6Pedros Wanderers
Real Oak0v11Fc Beercelona
Red Army2v4Pathetic Athletic
Silence of the Iahms1v13Newjax
Underdogs FC3v5Real Sosobad
FC Greenbridge5v5Coke
Real Oak3v11Coke
Fc Beercelona4v5Pedros Wanderers
Exeter Gently FC3v13Red Army
Underdogs FC1v2Silence of the Iahms
Pathetic Athletic3v1Inter Minan
Pro Stars United10v2Boca Seniors
Real Sosobad1v3Beamish
Red Hill FC1v3FC Greenbridge
Pedros Wanderers6v4Pathetic Athletic
Real Oak2v3Exeter Gently FC
Inter Minan5v11Beamish
Pro Stars United5v4Silence of the Iahms
FC Greenbridge6v1Red Army
Red Hill FC3v7Newjax
Boca Seniors1v19Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Coke4v1Underdogs FC
FC Greenbridge6v2Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Silence of the Iahms0v16Fc Beercelona
Exeter Gently FC4v4Coke
Newjax 5v3Pedros Wanderers
Beamish8v1Pro Stars United
Inter Minan3v1Underdogs FC
Real Oak2v6Pathetic Athletic
Red Hill FC1v5Real Sosobad
Beamish10v2Underdogs FC
Newjax 2v6Red Hill FC
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC8v0Inter Minan
Fc Beercelona14v0Silence of the Iahms
Pedros Wanderers9v5Red Army
Pro Stars United6v5Real Sosobad
Boca Seniors2v8Coke
FC Greenbridge6v1Pathetic Athletic
Exeter Gently FC3v23Fc Beercelona
Pro Stars United3v5Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Boca Seniors7v3Real Sosobad
Pathetic Athletic0v1Coke
FC Greenbridge5v0Real Oak
Inter Minan6v6Red Hill FC
Pedros Wanderers7v1Underdogs FC
Red Army4v6Newjax
Beamish9v4Red Army
Silence of the Iahms3v3Pathetic Athletic
Exeter Gently FC9v2Underdogs FC
Red Hill FC2v2Inter Minan
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC6v8Fc Beercelona
Real Sosobad11v2Boca Seniors
Newjax 0v1Coke
Pro Stars United5v1Real Oak
Boca Seniors7v1Red Army
Silence of the Iahms2v7Real Oak
Exeter Gently FC2v2Pathetic Athletic
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC10v0Pedros Wanderers
Pro Stars United3v2Inter Minan
Fc Beercelona7v4Newjax
Beamish5v0Red Hill FC
Real Sosobad11v3Coke
Coke5v5Exeter Gently FC
Real Sosobad9v3Red Hill FC
Boca Seniors2v5Pro Stars United
Silence of the Iahms1v9FC Greenbridge
Pedros Wanderers0v10Inter Minan
Real Oak0v5Red Army
Underdogs FC0v9Fc Beercelona
Exeter Gently FC3v4Beamish
Inter Minan1v4FC Greenbridge
Newjax 4v2Pro Stars United
Red Army8v4Pedros Wanderers
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC6v5Real Sosobad
Red Hill FC6v6Coke
Underdogs FC3v3Real Oak
Fc Beercelona5v3Boca Seniors
Red Army9v4Coke
Underdogs FC1v7FC Greenbridge
Newjax 7v1Silence of the Iahms
Fc Beercelona3v2Exeter Gently FC
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC3v4Beamish
Real Oak4v3Real Sosobad
Boca Seniors1v3Pathetic Athletic
Red Hill FC0v10Pedros Wanderers
Beamish7v3Real Sosobad
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC8v1Silence of the Iahms
Exeter Gently FC3v7Red Hill FC
Underdogs FC1v10Inter Minan
Red Army6v3Boca Seniors
Fc Beercelona10v4Pro Stars United
Coke12v1Real Oak
Newjax 2v2FC Greenbridge
Beamish4v2Real Oak
Exeter Gently FC8v2Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Boca Seniors2v6Red Hill FC
Pro Stars United3v4Pathetic Athletic
Coke2v4Fc Beercelona
Red Army6v3Real Sosobad
FC Greenbridge4v1Underdogs FC
Inter Minan3v5Pedros Wanderers
Pro Stars United3v2Exeter Gently FC
Silence of the Iahms6v3Underdogs FC
FC Greenbridge4v1Real Sosobad
Red Hill FC0v5Beamish
Inter Minan1v3Newjax
Pedros Wanderers1v7Fc Beercelona
Pathetic Athletic1v1Boca Seniors
Real Oak3v5Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Exeter Gently FC2v8Newjax
Real Sosobad1v2Pro Stars United
Beamish4v2Fc Beercelona
Silence of the Iahms2v4Inter Minan
Coke3v2Pathetic Athletic
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC3v2Underdogs FC
FC Greenbridge4v8Pedros Wanderers
Red Hill FC10v5Red Army
Coke5v3Red Army
Pro Stars United3v5Underdogs FC
Exeter Gently FC1v10Inter Minan
Pedros Wanderers12v1Silence of the Iahms
Real Oak1v6Red Hill FC
Fc Beercelona4v0Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Newjax 2v3Boca Seniors
Pathetic Athletic0v5FC Greenbridge
Real Sosobad3v5Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Underdogs FC0v7Newjax
Beamish7v2Boca Seniors
Pathetic Athletic4v0Silence of the Iahms
FC Greenbridge2v4Fc Beercelona
Pedros Wanderers3v6Coke
Inter Minan1v2Pro Stars United
Red Army5v4Real Oak
Inter Minan0v7Fc Beercelona
Red Hill FC10v1Silence of the Iahms
Boca Seniors7v0Underdogs FC
Pedros Wanderers1v9Beamish
Real Oak0v10Pro Stars United
Pathetic Athletic3v3Real Sosobad
Red Army7v6Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Boca Seniors8v1Exeter Gently FC
Real Sosobad4v7Pedros Wanderers
Pro Stars United3v5Beamish
Silence of the Iahms10v3Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Pathetic Athletic5v4Red Hill FC
Red Army13v1Underdogs FC
Inter Minan2v3Coke
Fc Beercelona4v4FC Greenbridge
Real Sosobad1v2Exeter Gently FC
Fc Beercelona9v0Pathetic Athletic
Real Oak2v9Inter Minan
Silence of the Iahms4v9Red Army
Boca Seniors8v0Pedros Wanderers
Newjax 2v4Beamish
Pro Stars United5v5Red Hill FC
Real Oak4v10Pedros Wanderers
Red Army5v7Pro Stars United
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC1v8Exeter Gently FC
Underdogs FC2v7Beamish
Newjax 4v3Real Sosobad
Red Hill FC2v2Pathetic Athletic
Boca Seniors4v6FC Greenbridge
Coke7v1Inter Minan
Exeter Gently FC0v6Boca Seniors
Silence of the Iahms6v4Real Sosobad
Pro Stars United3v7Newjax
Real Oak0v5FC Greenbridge
Red Army3v5Fc Beercelona
Beamish9v2Inter Minan
Red Hill FC8v2Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Underdogs FC4v9Pedros Wanderers
Pathetic Athletic1v4Pedros Wanderers
Red Army4v8Silence of the Iahms
Beamish10v3Exeter Gently FC
Fc Beercelona10v2Red Hill FC
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC2v8Coke
Real Oak4v7Underdogs FC
Newjax 5v2Inter Minan
Real Sosobad1v2FC Greenbridge
Beamish10v0Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
FC Greenbridge5v1Exeter Gently FC
Inter Minan1v6Boca Seniors
Silence of the Iahms3v8Coke
Pedros Wanderers7v2Pro Stars United
Fc Beercelona9v3Real Sosobad
Pathetic Athletic4v4Real Oak
Underdogs FC2v7Red Hill FC
Pro Stars United5v4Coke
Underdogs FC2v8Exeter Gently FC
Boca Seniors8v5Silence of the Iahms
Pedros Wanderers9v5Red Hill FC
FC Greenbridge2v10Beamish
Inter Minan9v3Real Oak
Newjax 6v2Red Army
Pathetic Athletic7v0Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Pathetic Athletic7v0Red Army
Real Oak3v6Boca Seniors
Exeter Gently FC2v11Silence of the Iahms
Pro Stars United2v9Fc Beercelona
Inter Minan1v3Real Sosobad
Newjax 6v3Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
FC Greenbridge2v2Red Hill FC
Underdogs FC0v9Coke
Exeter Gently FC3v3Real Sosobad
Pedros Wanderers8v1Murder on Zidane's Floor FC
Silence of the Iahms2v10Beamish
Underdogs FC4v3Pro Stars United
Pathetic Athletic3v7Newjax
Fc Beercelona7v2Real Oak
Coke7v5Boca Seniors
Inter Minan3v1Red Army
Red Army3v3FC Greenbridge
Murder on Zidane's Floor FC3v6Boca Seniors
Real Sosobad7v4Silence of the Iahms
Pathetic Athletic10v1Underdogs FC
Red Hill FC0v5Fc Beercelona
Newjax 4v0Real Oak
Pedros Wanderers5v2Exeter Gently FC
Silence of the Iahms1v9Red Hill FC
Fc Beercelona14v5Red Army
Inter Minan0v2Pathetic Athletic
Pedros Wanderers12v6Newjax
Exeter Gently FC2v2Real Oak
FC Greenbridge4v5Pro Stars United
Boca Seniors0v9Beamish
Coke7v0Real Sosobad