Premier Predictions League 6 2018/19

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Glen Giles (Tottenham)381910959471267
2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)381417768511759
3Adam Giles (Brighton)381611114748-159
4Sam Donegan (Liverpool)38141687162958
5Rob Borbely (Cardiff)3813151052401254
6Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)381412124743454
7Lewis McDonald (West Ham)381315104541454
8George Hutton (Newcastle)3814111351411053
9Lauren Heywood (Man City)381411136369-653
10Sam Coxall (Burnley)381311144645150
11John Davidson (Wolves)381214123760-2350
12Mark Williams (Everton)381310153947-849
13Roy Stokes (Watford)381212145153-248
14Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)381211155244847
15James Duck (Chelsea)381211155653347
16Tom Wilcox (Man United)38129175056-645
17Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)381112154250-845
18Steph Apps (Huddersfield)381112155264-1245
19Marc Ballanger (Southampton)38914153842-441
20Lee Coutts (Arsenal)38814165464-1038

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Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v1Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v1Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)5v2John Davidson (Wolves)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v0George Hutton (Newcastle)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)1v1James Duck (Chelsea)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Roy Stokes (Watford)2v0Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)0v0Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v2Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
James Duck (Chelsea)0v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)1v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v2Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v5James Duck (Chelsea)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v5George Hutton (Newcastle)
Roy Stokes (Watford)5v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)1v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v1Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
James Duck (Chelsea)2v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)2v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v2Roy Stokes (Watford)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Adam Giles (Brighton)0v0Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)0v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)5v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)2v0John Davidson (Wolves)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)0v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v5Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)1v0George Hutton (Newcastle)
James Duck (Chelsea)5v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v1Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)0v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)2v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v2Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v1Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
James Duck (Chelsea)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v2George Hutton (Newcastle)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)5v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)2v1James Duck (Chelsea)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)5v2Roy Stokes (Watford)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)2v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)2v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v0John Davidson (Wolves)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)2v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v0James Duck (Chelsea)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v0Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)0v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
James Duck (Chelsea)5v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v0Glen Giles (Tottenham)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)1v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)0v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v0Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v0Adam Giles (Brighton)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)5v1James Duck (Chelsea)
Roy Stokes (Watford)5v2Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)5v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)2v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
James Duck (Chelsea)0v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v0Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)2v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
George Hutton (Newcastle)0v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)2v5Adam Giles (Brighton)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)0v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)2v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v0Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
George Hutton (Newcastle)5v0Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)0v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)2v2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v2Roy Stokes (Watford)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v0George Hutton (Newcastle)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Adam Giles (Brighton)0v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v0Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v1Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)5v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)1v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)2v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v5Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)2v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v2John Davidson (Wolves)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)2v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
James Duck (Chelsea)2v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)5v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v0Roy Stokes (Watford)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v0Roy Stokes (Watford)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v0Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)1v1Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)0v0James Duck (Chelsea)
George Hutton (Newcastle)0v0Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)0v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v2Mark Williams (Everton)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)0v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)2v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)5v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)0v0James Duck (Chelsea)
Roy Stokes (Watford)0v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v1Mark Williams (Everton)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v2Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v2Adam Giles (Brighton)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v1Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)0v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v2John Davidson (Wolves)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
James Duck (Chelsea)5v2George Hutton (Newcastle)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v5Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)5v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v2Tom Wilcox (Man United)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v2Sam Coxall (Burnley)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)0v0Roy Stokes (Watford)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)2v2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v0Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)2v5Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)0v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)1v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Roy Stokes (Watford)0v5George Hutton (Newcastle)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)0v0John Davidson (Wolves)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v0Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Roy Stokes (Watford)5v0James Duck (Chelsea)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v1Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)2v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v2George Hutton (Newcastle)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v0Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v0Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v2Mark Williams (Everton)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)5v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)2v2Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)2v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
George Hutton (Newcastle)0v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)0v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v2Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v0Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)2v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)2v5Sam Coxall (Burnley)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v5Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Adam Giles (Brighton)2v1James Duck (Chelsea)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v5George Hutton (Newcastle)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)5v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)5v2Mark Williams (Everton)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
James Duck (Chelsea)0v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v2Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)1v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)5v2Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v5Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v0James Duck (Chelsea)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v0George Hutton (Newcastle)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)2v5Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Adam Giles (Brighton)0v2Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)2v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v2Mark Williams (Everton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)0v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
James Duck (Chelsea)2v5Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
George Hutton (Newcastle)0v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v5Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)2v0Roy Stokes (Watford)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v5Adam Giles (Brighton)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)2v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)5v0John Davidson (Wolves)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)0v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v0Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)5v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)0v1James Duck (Chelsea)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)5v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Roy Stokes (Watford)2v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v5Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)5v2Tom Wilcox (Man United)
James Duck (Chelsea)0v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v5Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)1v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)1v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)5v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v2Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v5Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v0Sam Coxall (Burnley)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v2Adam Giles (Brighton)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)1v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)5v2Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)5v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)1v0Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)1v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Roy Stokes (Watford)2v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)0v1Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v2Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)2v5Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v5Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
John Davidson (Wolves)0v0Roy Stokes (Watford)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)2v0Glen Giles (Tottenham)
George Hutton (Newcastle)1v0Adam Giles (Brighton)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)1v1Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)0v0Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v1Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)2v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)2v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)2v1Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v0Mark Williams (Everton)
Roy Stokes (Watford)1v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)5v0John Davidson (Wolves)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Adam Giles (Brighton)0v0Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)2v5Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v2Sam Coxall (Burnley)
James Duck (Chelsea)5v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Mark Williams (Everton)2v0Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
George Hutton (Newcastle)0v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
John Davidson (Wolves)2v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)5v2Roy Stokes (Watford)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v5Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v0Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)2v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v0James Duck (Chelsea)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v0Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Adam Giles (Brighton)5v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v2Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)1v2Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)1v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v0Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Roy Stokes (Watford)0v5Tom Wilcox (Man United)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v2Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)5v2Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
George Hutton (Newcastle)2v1Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v5Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)1v5Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)2v5Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Roy Stokes (Watford)0v0Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)2v2Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)2v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)1v1John Davidson (Wolves)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v2Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Adam Giles (Brighton)1v5Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Mark Williams (Everton)0v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)0v1Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)5v1Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)0v1Glen Giles (Tottenham)
George Hutton (Newcastle)2v2James Duck (Chelsea)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)1v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
Roy Stokes (Watford)5v2Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)2v2Adam Giles (Brighton)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)1v0Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v1Mark Williams (Everton)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)5v2Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)2v0Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v0Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)1v2Sam Donegan (Liverpool)
Adam Giles (Brighton)0v1Tom Wilcox (Man United)
Lauren Heywood (Man City)1v1Steph Apps (Huddersfield)
Sam Coxall (Burnley)1v1Roy Stokes (Watford)
James Duck (Chelsea)1v1Lee Coutts (Arsenal)
Lewis McDonald (West Ham)0v1Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)
Glen Giles (Tottenham)5v2Suzy Reeks (Fulham)
Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)0v2John Davidson (Wolves)
Mark Williams (Everton)1v5Marc Ballanger (Southampton)
Rob Borbely (Cardiff)0v1George Hutton (Newcastle)
Lee Coutts (Arsenal)1v2Lauren Heywood (Man City)
Sam Donegan (Liverpool)1v1Lewis McDonald (West Ham)
Marc Ballanger (Southampton)0v1Sam Coxall (Burnley)
John Davidson (Wolves)1v5Mark Williams (Everton)
Suzy Reeks (Fulham)2v0Claire Stokes (Crystal Palace)
Roy Stokes (Watford)0v1Adam Giles (Brighton)
Martess Spiteri (Bournemouth)1v2Rob Borbely (Cardiff)
Steph Apps (Huddersfield)2v1James Duck (Chelsea)
George Hutton (Newcastle)2v2Glen Giles (Tottenham)
Tom Wilcox (Man United)2v1Vanessa Gibbs (Leicester City)

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