Premier Predictions League 3 17/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ronnie Main (Man United)8431148615
2Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)8431127515
3Jack Steele (Arsenal)8422148614
4Daniel Martin (West Ham)8422139414
5Josh Covill (Bournemouth)83411311213
6Lewis McDonald (Watford)833278-112
7Brad Porter (Brighton)83231611511
8Steve Prior (Newcastle)825187111
9Carl Ludlow (Everton)83231111011
10Sam Stanley (Leicester City)8323911-211
11Dean Martin (Liverpool)831466010
12Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)824289-110
13Dean Marshall (Burnley)824259-410
14Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)815210828
15Chris Steele (Tottenham)815289-18
16Robert Borbely (Man City)8224911-28
17Allan Martin (Southampton)822449-58
18Ben Reed (Swansea City)81439817
19Ben Wallis (West Brom)8143712-57
20Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)8134516-116
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Sam Stanley (Leicester City)1v0Ben Wallis (West Brom)
Allan Martin (Southampton)0v1Steve Prior (Newcastle)
Brad Porter (Brighton)1v1Carl Ludlow (Everton)
Lewis McDonald (Watford)1v5Jack Steele (Arsenal)
Chris Steele (Tottenham)2v2Josh Covill (Bournemouth)
Ben Reed (Swansea City)0v1Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)
Robert Borbely (Man City)1v1Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)
Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)0v0Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)
Dean Marshall (Burnley)0v5Daniel Martin (West Ham)
Dean Martin (Liverpool)0v1Ronnie Main (Man United)
Steve Prior (Newcastle)0v1Dean Martin (Liverpool)
Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)5v1Allan Martin (Southampton)
Carl Ludlow (Everton)0v1Dean Marshall (Burnley)
Jack Steele (Arsenal)2v5Brad Porter (Brighton)
Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)0v1Robert Borbely (Man City)
Daniel Martin (West Ham)1v1Ben Reed (Swansea City)
Ben Wallis (West Brom)1v1Lewis McDonald (Watford)
Ronnie Main (Man United)5v1Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)
Josh Covill (Bournemouth)1v1Sam Stanley (Leicester City)
Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)2v2Chris Steele (Tottenham)
Jack Steele (Arsenal)5v1Ben Wallis (West Brom)
Brad Porter (Brighton)1v1Steve Prior (Newcastle)
Sam Stanley (Leicester City)2v1Dean Martin (Liverpool)
Ben Reed (Swansea City)0v2Lewis McDonald (Watford)
Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)1v1Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)
Allan Martin (Southampton)1v2Ronnie Main (Man United)
Robert Borbely (Man City)2v2Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)
Carl Ludlow (Everton)1v5Josh Covill (Bournemouth)
Dean Marshall (Burnley)1v1Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)
Daniel Martin (West Ham)2v1Chris Steele (Tottenham)
Ronnie Main (Man United)2v1Carl Ludlow (Everton)
Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)0v0Jack Steele (Arsenal)
Chris Steele (Tottenham)1v0Ben Reed (Swansea City)
Lewis McDonald (Watford)1v2Robert Borbely (Man City)
Ben Wallis (West Brom)0v1Daniel Martin (West Ham)
Steve Prior (Newcastle)1v1Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)
Dean Martin (Liverpool)0v1Dean Marshall (Burnley)
Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)1v0Sam Stanley (Leicester City)
Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)0v1Allan Martin (Southampton)
Josh Covill (Bournemouth)1v5Brad Porter (Brighton)
Daniel Martin (West Ham)2v5Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)
Ben Reed (Swansea City)1v1Steve Prior (Newcastle)
Dean Marshall (Burnley)1v2Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)
Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)0v0Ronnie Main (Man United)
Allan Martin (Southampton)0v0Lewis McDonald (Watford)
Sam Stanley (Leicester City)2v5Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)
Carl Ludlow (Everton)0v0Chris Steele (Tottenham)
Brad Porter (Brighton)1v2Ben Wallis (West Brom)
Jack Steele (Arsenal)0v1Josh Covill (Bournemouth)
Robert Borbely (Man City)1v2Dean Martin (Liverpool)
Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)0v5Ben Reed (Swansea City)
Chris Steele (Tottenham)0v0Dean Marshall (Burnley)
Dean Martin (Liverpool)0v0Jack Steele (Arsenal)
Ben Wallis (West Brom)1v1Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)
Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)1v5Carl Ludlow (Everton)
Ronnie Main (Man United)1v1Sam Stanley (Leicester City)
Lewis McDonald (Watford)1v0Brad Porter (Brighton)
Steve Prior (Newcastle)0v0Daniel Martin (West Ham)
Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)1v0Allan Martin (Southampton)
Josh Covill (Bournemouth)2v1Robert Borbely (Man City)
Robert Borbely (Man City)0v1Carl Ludlow (Everton)
Chris Steele (Tottenham)0v1Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)
Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)1v2Steve Prior (Newcastle)
Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)0v1Jack Steele (Arsenal)
Allan Martin (Southampton)1v0Daniel Martin (West Ham)
Dean Martin (Liverpool)2v0Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)
Sam Stanley (Leicester City)2v1Brad Porter (Brighton)
Dean Marshall (Burnley)1v1Ben Wallis (West Brom)
Josh Covill (Bournemouth)0v0Lewis McDonald (Watford)
Ben Reed (Swansea City)2v2Ronnie Main (Man United)
Ronnie Main (Man United)1v2Daniel Martin (West Ham)
Steve Prior (Newcastle)2v2Chris Steele (Tottenham)
Brad Porter (Brighton)2v1Robert Borbely (Man City)
Ben Wallis (West Brom)1v1Josh Covill (Bournemouth)
Allan Martin (Southampton)0v0Ben Reed (Swansea City)
Carl Ludlow (Everton)2v1Charlie Heaney (Stoke City)
Kevin Lay (Crystal Palace)0v0Harry Whittam (Huddersfield)
Billy Stanbury (Chelsea)0v0Dean Marshall (Burnley)
Lewis McDonald (Watford)1v0Dean Martin (Liverpool)
Jack Steele (Arsenal)1v0Sam Stanley (Leicester City)

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