Premier Predictions League 2 17/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Dan Davis (West Brom)85212071317
2Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)843196315
3Grant Badham (Liverpool)8422105514
4Dean Kemp (Swansea City)8422128414
5Gary Kenyon (Everton)8332138512
6Matt Smith (Chelsea)8332108212
7Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)82511511411
8Mitch Squires (Tottenham)832389-111
9Myles Carson (Man United)83231012-211
10Gary Tapping (Stoke City)8251810-211
11Mark Williams (Huddersfield)8242129310
12Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)83141010010
13Martin Mason (West Ham)82421012-210
14Tommy Cocks (Burnley)8314613-710
15Sam Harper (Newcastle)815256-18
16Jamie Martin (Man City)81521013-38
17Tony Warner (Watford)814378-17
18Adam Giles (Bournemouth)8215813-57
19Paul Throssell (Leicester City)8215923-147
20Matt Throssell (Brighton)813489-16
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Paul Throssell (Leicester City)1v5Dan Davis (West Brom)
Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)1v1Sam Harper (Newcastle)
Matt Throssell (Brighton)1v1Gary Kenyon (Everton)
Tony Warner (Watford)0v0Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)
Mitch Squires (Tottenham)2v1Adam Giles (Bournemouth)
Dean Kemp (Swansea City)2v2Mark Williams (Huddersfield)
Jamie Martin (Man City)1v1Gary Tapping (Stoke City)
Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)0v0Matt Smith (Chelsea)
Tommy Cocks (Burnley)1v1Martin Mason (West Ham)
Grant Badham (Liverpool)1v0Myles Carson (Man United)
Sam Harper (Newcastle)0v1Grant Badham (Liverpool)
Gary Kenyon (Everton)0v1Tommy Cocks (Burnley)
Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)2v1Matt Throssell (Brighton)
Matt Smith (Chelsea)1v1Jamie Martin (Man City)
Martin Mason (West Ham)2v5Dean Kemp (Swansea City)
Dan Davis (West Brom)1v1Tony Warner (Watford)
Gary Tapping (Stoke City)1v0Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)
Myles Carson (Man United)2v5Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)
Adam Giles (Bournemouth)0v1Paul Throssell (Leicester City)
Mark Williams (Huddersfield)2v2Mitch Squires (Tottenham)
Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)2v1Dan Davis (West Brom)
Matt Throssell (Brighton)1v1Sam Harper (Newcastle)
Paul Throssell (Leicester City)1v5Grant Badham (Liverpool)
Dean Kemp (Swansea City)2v1Tony Warner (Watford)
Gary Tapping (Stoke City)2v2Matt Smith (Chelsea)
Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)2v1Myles Carson (Man United)
Jamie Martin (Man City)2v2Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)
Gary Kenyon (Everton)5v2Adam Giles (Bournemouth)
Tommy Cocks (Burnley)1v0Mark Williams (Huddersfield)
Martin Mason (West Ham)2v1Mitch Squires (Tottenham)
Myles Carson (Man United)2v1Gary Kenyon (Everton)
Matt Smith (Chelsea)1v0Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)
Mitch Squires (Tottenham)0v1Dean Kemp (Swansea City)
Dan Davis (West Brom)1v1Martin Mason (West Ham)
Tony Warner (Watford)1v2Jamie Martin (Man City)
Sam Harper (Newcastle)0v1Gary Tapping (Stoke City)
Grant Badham (Liverpool)0v1Tommy Cocks (Burnley)
Mark Williams (Huddersfield)5v1Paul Throssell (Leicester City)
Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)2v5Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)
Adam Giles (Bournemouth)1v0Matt Throssell (Brighton)
Martin Mason (West Ham)2v1Mark Williams (Huddersfield)
Dean Kemp (Swansea City)0v1Sam Harper (Newcastle)
Tommy Cocks (Burnley)1v5Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)
Gary Tapping (Stoke City)0v0Myles Carson (Man United)
Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)0v2Tony Warner (Watford)
Paul Throssell (Leicester City)2v5Matt Smith (Chelsea)
Gary Kenyon (Everton)2v0Mitch Squires (Tottenham)
Matt Throssell (Brighton)0v1Dan Davis (West Brom)
Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)2v1Adam Giles (Bournemouth)
Jamie Martin (Man City)0v1Grant Badham (Liverpool)
Mitch Squires (Tottenham)1v0Tommy Cocks (Burnley)
Grant Badham (Liverpool)0v1Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)
Dan Davis (West Brom)5v1Gary Tapping (Stoke City)
Matt Smith (Chelsea)0v2Gary Kenyon (Everton)
Myles Carson (Man United)2v1Paul Throssell (Leicester City)
Tony Warner (Watford)0v0Matt Throssell (Brighton)
Sam Harper (Newcastle)0v0Martin Mason (West Ham)
Mark Williams (Huddersfield)1v0Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)
Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)0v0Dean Kemp (Swansea City)
Adam Giles (Bournemouth)1v1Jamie Martin (Man City)
Jamie Martin (Man City)1v1Gary Kenyon (Everton)
Mitch Squires (Tottenham)1v0Matt Smith (Chelsea)
Mark Williams (Huddersfield)1v1Sam Harper (Newcastle)
Gary Tapping (Stoke City)1v1Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)
Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)2v1Martin Mason (West Ham)
Grant Badham (Liverpool)1v1Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)
Paul Throssell (Leicester City)1v0Matt Throssell (Brighton)
Tommy Cocks (Burnley)1v5Dan Davis (West Brom)
Adam Giles (Bournemouth)2v1Tony Warner (Watford)
Dean Kemp (Swansea City)1v2Myles Carson (Man United)
Myles Carson (Man United)1v1Martin Mason (West Ham)
Sam Harper (Newcastle)1v1Mitch Squires (Tottenham)
Matt Throssell (Brighton)5v2Jamie Martin (Man City)
Aiden O'Keefe (Southampton)0v1Dean Kemp (Swansea City)
Dan Davis (West Brom)1v0Adam Giles (Bournemouth)
Gary Kenyon (Everton)1v1Gary Tapping (Stoke City)
Rhys Bozier (Crystal Palace)0v0Mark Williams (Huddersfield)
Matt Smith (Chelsea)1v0Tommy Cocks (Burnley)
Tony Warner (Watford)1v1Grant Badham (Liverpool)
Tony Kenyon (Arsenal)1v1Paul Throssell (Leicester City)

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