Premier Predictions League 1 17/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)862093620
2Alex Cefai (Chelsea)85301541118
3Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)852122111117
4Matt Griffiths (Watford)8440125716
5Jack Jones (Everton)84221710714
6Sam Donegan (Burnley)8413106413
7Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)8332910-112
8Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)8332810-212
9George Beakhust (Man United)8323911-211
10Billy Brown (Stoke City)824296310
11Scott Younger (Swansea City)8305612-69
12Tom Dutton (Tottenham)822468-28
13Josh Kidd (West Brom)8224811-38
14Barry Clark (Southampton)8224811-38
15Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)8224812-48
16Jack Callaghan (Man City)81431018-87
17Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)806279-26
18Gavin Smith (Liverpool)813447-36
19George Jones (Brighton)81341120-96
20Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)81251216-45
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Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)5v1Josh Kidd (West Brom)
Barry Clark (Southampton)0v1Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)
George Jones (Brighton)1v5Jack Jones (Everton)
Matt Griffiths (Watford)0v0Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)
Tom Dutton (Tottenham)2v1Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)
Scott Younger (Swansea City)0v2Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)
Jack Callaghan (Man City)1v1Billy Brown (Stoke City)
Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)0v0Alex Cefai (Chelsea)
Sam Donegan (Burnley)5v1Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)
Gavin Smith (Liverpool)0v1George Beakhust (Man United)
Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)1v0Gavin Smith (Liverpool)
Jack Jones (Everton)1v0Sam Donegan (Burnley)
Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)2v1George Jones (Brighton)
Alex Cefai (Chelsea)1v1Jack Callaghan (Man City)
Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)2v1Scott Younger (Swansea City)
Josh Kidd (West Brom)0v1Matt Griffiths (Watford)
Billy Brown (Stoke City)5v1Barry Clark (Southampton)
George Beakhust (Man United)2v2Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)
Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)0v1Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)
Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)2v1Tom Dutton (Tottenham)
Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)2v5Josh Kidd (West Brom)
George Jones (Brighton)1v1Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)
Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)1v1Gavin Smith (Liverpool)
Scott Younger (Swansea City)1v5Matt Griffiths (Watford)
Billy Brown (Stoke City)1v1Alex Cefai (Chelsea)
Barry Clark (Southampton)5v2George Beakhust (Man United)
Jack Callaghan (Man City)2v2Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)
Jack Jones (Everton)5v1Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)
Sam Donegan (Burnley)1v0Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)
Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)1v1Tom Dutton (Tottenham)
George Beakhust (Man United)1v0Jack Jones (Everton)
Alex Cefai (Chelsea)1v0Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)
Tom Dutton (Tottenham)1v0Scott Younger (Swansea City)
Josh Kidd (West Brom)0v1Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)
Matt Griffiths (Watford)2v1Jack Callaghan (Man City)
Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)1v0Billy Brown (Stoke City)
Gavin Smith (Liverpool)1v0Sam Donegan (Burnley)
Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)1v5Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)
Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)1v1Barry Clark (Southampton)
Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)5v1George Jones (Brighton)
Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)2v2Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)
Scott Younger (Swansea City)0v1Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)
Sam Donegan (Burnley)2v1Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)
Billy Brown (Stoke City)0v0George Beakhust (Man United)
Barry Clark (Southampton)0v0Matt Griffiths (Watford)
Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)2v5Alex Cefai (Chelsea)
Jack Jones (Everton)0v0Tom Dutton (Tottenham)
George Jones (Brighton)0v0Josh Kidd (West Brom)
Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)2v2Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)
Jack Callaghan (Man City)1v0Gavin Smith (Liverpool)
Tom Dutton (Tottenham)0v1Sam Donegan (Burnley)
Gavin Smith (Liverpool)0v1Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)
Josh Kidd (West Brom)0v1Billy Brown (Stoke City)
Alex Cefai (Chelsea)5v0Jack Jones (Everton)
George Beakhust (Man United)1v2Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)
Matt Griffiths (Watford)1v1George Jones (Brighton)
Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)0v0Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)
Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)0v1Barry Clark (Southampton)
Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)0v1Scott Younger (Swansea City)
Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)2v2Jack Callaghan (Man City)
Jack Callaghan (Man City)1v5Jack Jones (Everton)
Tom Dutton (Tottenham)0v1Alex Cefai (Chelsea)
Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)1v2Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)
Billy Brown (Stoke City)0v1Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)
Barry Clark (Southampton)0v1Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)
Gavin Smith (Liverpool)1v1Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)
Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)5v1George Jones (Brighton)
Sam Donegan (Burnley)1v1Josh Kidd (West Brom)
Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)1v2Matt Griffiths (Watford)
Scott Younger (Swansea City)2v1George Beakhust (Man United)
George Beakhust (Man United)1v0Mitch O'Beirne (West Ham)
Kane O'Beirne (Newcastle)2v1Tom Dutton (Tottenham)
George Jones (Brighton)5v1Jack Callaghan (Man City)
Josh Kidd (West Brom)1v0Dane Keenan (Bournemouth)
Barry Clark (Southampton)0v1Scott Younger (Swansea City)
Jack Jones (Everton)1v1Billy Brown (Stoke City)
Ben Stevens (Crystal Palace)0v0Lewis Wood (Huddersfield)
Alex Cefai (Chelsea)1v0Sam Donegan (Burnley)
Matt Griffiths (Watford)1v1Gavin Smith (Liverpool)
Will Rinaldi (Arsenal)1v1Dave Jelliman (Leicester City)

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