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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Liverpool 861122111119
2Manchester City 86022171418
3Chelsea 8530178918
4Tottenham Hotspur 8521189917
5Arsenal 85122011916
6Wolverhampton Wanderers 84221512314
7West Ham84221615114
9Crystal Palace 82421414010
10Leicester City 82421313010
11Brighton And Hove Albion 82421112-110
12Newcastle United 83141114-310
13Aston Villa 81611314-19
14Southampton 82241112-18
16Manchester United 82241017-78
18Norwich City 8134714-76
19LJMA Pool11002113
20Leeds United8026921-122
21Dad Town100123-10
22JCA United 100123-10

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LJMA Pool2v1Watford
Dad Town2v3West Ham
JCA United 2v3Brentford
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2v0Brighton And Hove Albion
Aston Villa 3v3Crystal Palace
Liverpool 3v2Arsenal
Southampton 1v2Leicester City
Norwich City 1v1Burnley
Everton1v1Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur 1v1Chelsea
Manchester City 6v1Leeds United
Watford0v2Manchester United
Watford0v2Brighton And Hove Albion
Chelsea 2v1Burnley
Newcastle United 2v1Leicester City
Everton1v1Aston Villa
Brentford0v0Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3v1Crystal Palace
Chelsea 2v1Southampton
Manchester City 2v0Manchester United
Tottenham Hotspur 1v1Arsenal
Crystal Palace 3v1Leeds United
Everton2v2Leicester City
Burnley3v0Brighton And Hove Albion
Liverpool 3v2West Ham
Liverpool 5v1Manchester United
Brentford1v4Tottenham Hotspur
Arsenal 2v1Wolverhampton Wanderers
Norwich City 2v1Leeds United
Watford0v3Manchester City
Newcastle United 1v2West Ham
Southampton 0v0Aston Villa
Brighton And Hove Albion 1v1Southampton
Manchester United 1v4Chelsea
West Ham2v1Leicester City
Liverpool 3v1Newcastle United
Arsenal 1v2Manchester City
Everton1v1Crystal Palace
Burnley1v0Tottenham Hotspur
Brentford2v1Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2v0Watford
Leeds United1v2Aston Villa
Brentford2v2Leicester City
Brighton And Hove Albion 1v1West Ham
Liverpool 3v1Leeds United
Everton1v1Crystal Palace
Southampton 1v2Wolverhampton Wanderers
Chelsea 1v1West Ham
Leeds United1v2Leicester City
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2v2Everton
Southampton 3v1Norwich City
Chelsea 2v2Brighton And Hove Albion
Arsenal 2v0Newcastle United
Manchester United 2v0Watford
Manchester City 2v3Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester United 2v2Aston Villa
Watford2v3Newcastle United
Norwich City 2v2Burnley
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2v2Leeds United
Liverpool 2v3Tottenham Hotspur
Crystal Palace 2v1Manchester City
Arsenal 3v1Aston Villa
Watford1v3West Ham
Southampton 1v2Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle United 1v0Norwich City
Manchester City 2v0Manchester United
Leicester City 1v1Liverpool
Everton1v1Leeds United
Chelsea 2v1Crystal Palace
Brighton And Hove Albion 3v1Burnley
Aston Villa 2v2Brentford
Manchester United 2v2Leicester City
Aston Villa 2v2Crystal Palace
West Ham2v5Arsenal
Manchester City 3v0Burnley
Newcastle United 2v3Southampton
Arsenal 4v1Wolverhampton Wanderers
Chelsea 3v0Watford
Brighton And Hove Albion 2v2Brentford
Norwich City 0v4Tottenham Hotspur