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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tottenham Hotspur860226111518
2Aston Villa85122491516
3Wolverhampton Wanderers8512115616
4Manchester City7502169715
5Manchester United7502127515
6Sheffield United850375215
8Newcastle United8404106412
9Everton 8404109112
11Southampton 84041118-712
14West Ham United8314915-610
16Brighton And Hove Albion83051317-49
17Crystal Palace82061018-86
19Afc Bournemouth 8206619-136
20Norwich City 9207628-226

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Sheffield United1v0Everton
Norwich City 2v0Newcastle United
Wolverhampton Wanderers4v1Crystal Palace
Brighton And Hove Albion1v0West Ham United
Watford4v0Afc Bournemouth
Norwich City 3v2Southampton
Tottenham Hotspur2v0Aston Villa
Everton 4v0Norwich City
Afc Bournemouth 1v3Newcastle United
Liverpool6v3Crystal Palace
Sheffield United1v0Watford
Chelsea1v0Brighton And Hove Albion
Manchester City1v0Arsenal
Aston Villa6v0Burnley
Leicester3v0Manchester United
Wolverhampton Wanderers1v0West Ham United
Southampton 0v11Tottenham Hotspur
Sheffield United1v0Leicester
Brighton And Hove Albion5v0Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers1v0Afc Bournemouth
Liverpool1v0Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur5v3Watford
Southampton 1v0Newcastle United
Aston Villa4v1West Ham United
Everton 3v0Burnley
Manchester City2v3Manchester United
Southampton 1v0Leicester
Manchester United1v0Crystal Palace
Liverpool4v0Brighton And Hove Albion
Tottenham Hotspur3v0Watford
Manchester City1v0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Burnley1v0Newcastle United
Arsenal3v0Afc Bournemouth
Sheffield United1v0Norwich City
Aston Villa6v0West Ham United
Crystal Palace3v0Everton
Wolverhampton Wanderers2v0Arsenal
Manchester United4v0Tottenham Hotspur
Afc Bournemouth 2v0Watford
Manchester City1v0Newcastle United
Aston Villa2v0Sheffield United
Brighton And Hove Albion2v0Norwich City
Southampton 1v0Liverpool
West Ham United1v0Chelsea
Manchester City4v2Crystal Palace
Chelsea1v0Manchester United
Watford1v0Sheffield United
Afc Bournemouth 2v1Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers1v0Liverpool
Tottenham Hotspur3v0Everton
West Ham United1v0Aston Villa
Brighton And Hove Albion0v5Southampton
Leicester0v2Newcastle United
Everton 1v0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Manchester United1v0Sheffield United
Liverpool5v1Afc Bournemouth
Leicester2v0Crystal Palace
Chelsea1v1West Ham United
Aston Villa4v3Brighton And Hove Albion
Tottenham Hotspur2v0Watford
Manchester City7v0Norwich City
Newcastle United1v0Southampton
West Ham United5v2Watford
Newcastle United4v0Tottenham Hotspur
Sheffield United3v1Southampton
Manchester United3v1Liverpool
Leicester4v0Manchester City
Crystal Palace1v0Everton
Chelsea5v0Norwich City
Arsenal3v2Brighton And Hove Albion
Afc Bournemouth 0v2Burnley
Wolverhampton Wanderers2v2Aston Villa