Premier league summer 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richie Blackmore 12111083216234
2Robert Short1381471492225
3Steve Blackmore 1374277562125
4Ben Francis 1180369432624
5Brandon Manchip 1071260421822
6Mason Nicholls 127056158321
7Dave Bowden 1262468531520
8Matt Phillips 1262467521520
9Dean Bearne 1254369591019
10Craig Hill1046064461818
11Hadleigh Winsor 135266460417
12Paul Reading 135085472-1815
13Andy Hill113445854413
14Liam Stickley 93244947211
15Peter Skrivanos 133195773-1610
16Nigel Robson 122285270-188
17Bye 7120012084-840
18Bye 17120012084-840

Viewed 16 times

Steve Blackmore 7v0Bye 17
Steve Blackmore 6v6Craig Hill
Ben Francis 7v3Dean Bearne
Dean Bearne 6v6Craig Hill
Richie Blackmore 7v2Matt Phillips
Robert Short7v5Liam Stickley
Brandon Manchip 7v1Peter Skrivanos
Paul Reading 7v4Hadleigh Winsor
Andy Hill7v0Bye 7
Dave Bowden 7v0Bye 7
Nigel Robson 7v2Hadleigh Winsor
Paul Reading 7v4Peter Skrivanos
Brandon Manchip 7v3Robert Short
Matt Phillips 7v4Mason Nicholls
Ben Francis 7v0Bye 17
Andy Hill6v6Dean Bearne
Mason Nicholls 7v3Liam Stickley
Andy Hill7v0Steve Blackmore
Steve Blackmore 6v6Dean Bearne
Craig Hill7v4Ben Francis
Matt Phillips 7v0Bye 17
Richie Blackmore 7v2Brandon Manchip
Robert Short7v2Paul Reading
Nigel Robson 6v6Peter Skrivanos
Hadleigh Winsor 7v0Bye 7
Andy Hill6v6Dave Bowden
Hadleigh Winsor 7v1Dave Bowden
Peter Skrivanos 7v0Bye 7
Robert Short7v1Nigel Robson
Richie Blackmore 7v0Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v3Mason Nicholls
Liam Stickley 7v0Bye 17
Brandon Manchip 6v6Steve Blackmore
Richie Blackmore 6v6Andy Hill
Craig Hill7v4Peter Skrivanos
Liam Stickley 7v3Nigel Robson
Mason Nicholls 7v3Andy Hill
Dean Bearne 6v6Hadleigh Winsor
Steve Blackmore 7v4Ben Francis
Dean Bearne 7v2Matt Phillips
Brandon Manchip 7v0Bye 17
Mason Nicholls 7v3Paul Reading
Richie Blackmore 7v2Nigel Robson
Robert Short7v0Bye 7
Dave Bowden 7v4Peter Skrivanos
Hadleigh Winsor 7v3Andy Hill
Richie Blackmore 7v0Bye 7
Mason Nicholls 7v0Bye 7
Craig Hill7v0Bye 7
Dean Bearne 7v0Bye 7
Steve Blackmore 7v0Bye 7
Ben Francis 7v0Bye 7
Matt Phillips 7v0Bye 7
Matt Phillips 6v6Steve Blackmore
Hadleigh Winsor 7v2Peter Skrivanos
Dave Bowden 7v3Robert Short
Mason Nicholls 7v5Nigel Robson
Paul Reading 7v0Bye 17
Brandon Manchip 7v5Paul Reading
Dave Bowden 6v6Craig Hill
Craig Hill6v6Nigel Robson
Ben Francis 7v4Matt Phillips
Liam Stickley 7v4Steve Blackmore
Dean Bearne 7v3Brandon Manchip
Craig Hill7v2Paul Reading
Nigel Robson 7v0Bye 17
Richie Blackmore 7v5Dave Bowden
Robert Short7v2Hadleigh Winsor
Peter Skrivanos 7v4Andy Hill
Robert Short7v3Peter Skrivanos
Richie Blackmore 7v1Hadleigh Winsor
Dave Bowden 7v3Mason Nicholls
Paul Reading 7v4Dean Bearne
Ben Francis 7v4Liam Stickley
Matt Phillips 7v3Andy Hill
Dean Bearne 7v4Nigel Robson
Liam Stickley 6v6Matt Phillips
Brandon Manchip 7v5Ben Francis
Steve Blackmore 7v3Paul Reading
Dave Bowden 7v0Bye 17
Mason Nicholls 7v4Hadleigh Winsor
Richie Blackmore 7v2Peter Skrivanos
Andy Hill7v2Robert Short
Richie Blackmore 7v0Bye 17
Hadleigh Winsor 7v0Bye 17
Peter Skrivanos 7v0Bye 17
Robert Short7v0Bye 17
Dean Bearne 3v7Dave Bowden
Dean Bearne 7v5Peter Skrivanos
Richie Blackmore 7v1Robert Short
Mason Nicholls 7v5Peter Skrivanos
Steve Blackmore 7v3Nigel Robson
Ben Francis 7v3Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v5Matt Phillips
Andy Hill6v6Liam Stickley
Ben Francis 7v4Nigel Robson
Richie Blackmore 7v0Mason Nicholls
Paul Reading 7v4Liam Stickley
Matt Phillips 7v1Paul Reading
Hadleigh Winsor 6v6Craig Hill
Robert Short7v2Mason Nicholls
Steve Blackmore 7v4Dave Bowden
Matt Phillips 7v4Nigel Robson
Robert Short6v6Craig Hill
Ben Francis 7v4Dave Bowden
Steve Blackmore 7v4Hadleigh Winsor

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