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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Invincibles 14121145182737
2Red Dragons 13112050232735
3Liverpool 1291237181928
4Birmingham city 138322820827
5Aston villa 138232819926
6Manchester City137333223924
7Newcastle 137332524124
8Arsenal 137243022823
9Tottenham 126332624221
11West ham 135262428-417
12Manchester United 134452930-116
14Leicester 134271920-114
16Southampton 144281929-1014
17Brentford 1440101626-1012
18West Brom1311111336-234
19Coventry 1201111029-191
20Preston 130013332-290

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Brentford 1v2Southampton
The Invincibles 2v2Manchester United
Liverpool 4v1West ham
The Invincibles 2v3Wolves
Preston 0v1Leicester
Arsenal 3v0Coventry
West Brom2v5Red Dragons
Tottenham 2v2Birmingham city
Manchester City3v0Newcastle
Aston villa 2v0Southampton
Brentford 1v4Manchester United
The Invincibles 2v1Liverpool
Preston 0v2Arsenal
Coventry 3v3Red Dragons
West Brom2v1Birmingham city
Leicester 3v3West ham
Tottenham 2v2Manchester City
Newcastle 3v1Leeds
Aston villa 2v2Manchester United
Leicester 1v2The Invincibles
Liverpool 2v1Brentford
Preston 0v2West ham
Wolves0v1Aston villa
Arsenal 3v4Red Dragons
Coventry 1v2Birmingham city
Manchester City1v1West Brom
Liverpool 3v1West Brom
Tottenham 3v1Leeds
Newcastle 3v3Southampton
Manchester United 4v3Chelsea
The Invincibles 5v2West ham
Leicester 2v0Brentford
Liverpool 5v2Aston villa
Red Dragons 5v0Preston
Arsenal 2v3Birmingham city
Manchester City2v0Coventry
West Brom1v3Leeds
Tottenham 5v1Southampton
Newcastle 3v2Manchester United
The Invincibles 4v0Preston
West ham 2v1Brentford
Leicester 2v3Aston villa
Liverpool 3v0Chelsea
Red Dragons 1v0Birmingham city
Arsenal 3v2Manchester City
Coventry 0v1Leeds
West Brom0v2Southampton
The Invincibles 2v1Brentford
West ham 2v3Aston villa
Leicester 0v0Chelsea
Liverpool 3v0Newcastle
Preston 1v3Birmingham city
Red Dragons 3v3Manchester City
Coventry 0v2Southampton
West Brom2v3Manchester United
Preston 0v2Brentford
The Invincibles 1v0Aston villa
West ham 1v2Chelsea
Leicester 1v2Newcastle
Liverpool 3v0Tottenham
Wolves2v0West Brom
Birmingham city 4v2Manchester City
Red Dragons 3v1Leeds
Arsenal 3v1Southampton
Manchester United 3v1Coventry
Brentford 0v2Aston villa
The Invincibles 2v1Chelsea
West ham 2v3Newcastle
Leicester 2v3Tottenham
Preston 1v3Manchester City
Leeds1v1Birmingham city
Red Dragons 4v1Southampton
Arsenal 3v1Manchester United
Preston 0v3Aston villa
Red Dragons 6v3Manchester United
The Invincibles 4v2Newcastle
Tottenham 1v2West ham
Leicester 2v0West Brom
Manchester City3v1Leeds
Birmingham city 3v2Southampton
Aston villa 3v2Chelsea
Brentford 0v2Newcastle
Wolves0v5Red Dragons
The Invincibles 6v1Tottenham
West ham 2v1West Brom
Leicester 2v0Coventry
Liverpool 2v1Arsenal
Preston 0v1Leeds
Manchester City4v2Southampton
Birmingham city 2v1Manchester United
Preston 1v3Chelsea
Brentford 1v3Tottenham
Aston villa 3v3Newcastle
The Invincibles 6v2West Brom
West ham 2v1Coventry
Arsenal 2v1Leicester
Liverpool 5v6Red Dragons
Wolves1v2Birmingham city
Manchester City3v2Manchester United
Aston villa 1v2Tottenham
Brentford 3v1West Brom
The Invincibles 3v1Coventry
West ham 2v2Arsenal
Leicester 1v3Red Dragons
Liverpool 3v3Birmingham city
Wolves1v3Manchester City
Preston 0v2Southampton
Leeds2v2Manchester United
Preston 0v1Newcastle
Aston villa 3v0West Brom
Brentford 2v0Coventry
Arsenal 1v4The Invincibles
Red Dragons 2v1West ham
Birmingham city 2v1Leicester
Liverpool 3v1Manchester City
Southampton 0v0Manchester United