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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tottenham 1412113873137
2Liverpool 1410313262633
3Man city 14102236122432
4Chealsea 1410133292331
5Wigan 1484229141528
7Everton 146261921-220
8Arsenal 143741619-316
9Nottingham forest 143651321-815
10West ham143471322-913
11Brighton and hove Albion 1431101031-2110
12Aston villa141491132-217
14Newcastle 140212737-302

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Tottenham 3v0Brighton and hove Albion
Arsenal 3v0Nottingham forest
Everton 0v3Wigan
Chealsea 3v0Aston villa
Swansea0v6Man city
Liverpool 1v0Boltan
Newcastle 0v3West ham
Arsenal 0v0Wigan
Everton 3v0Nottingham forest
Brighton and hove Albion 1v0Aston villa
Man city 2v0West ham
Liverpool 0v0Tottenham
Newcastle 0v4Chealsea
Wigan 3v0Aston villa
Tottenham 2v0West ham
Everton 2v0Brighton and hove Albion
Newcastle 0v2Liverpool
Nottingham forest 3v0Chealsea
Arsenal 0v2Man city
Boltan1v0West ham
Wigan 2v0Brighton and hove Albion
Tottenham 5v0Swansea
Liverpool 2v3Nottingham forest
Arsenal 0v0Aston villa
Chealsea 4v0Newcastle
Man city 3v1Everton
Nottingham forest 2v1Wigan
Liverpool 1v0Chealsea
West ham1v3Tottenham
Brighton and hove Albion 2v2Aston villa
Man city 3v0Newcastle
Arsenal 3v1Boltan
Tottenham 3v0Swansea
Chealsea 2v0Nottingham forest
Brighton and hove Albion 3v1Newcastle
West ham0v2Everton
Man city 5v1Aston villa
Liverpool 1v1Boltan
Wigan 1v1Arsenal
Wigan 3v1Everton
Liverpool 4v0Aston villa
Nottingham forest 2v2Boltan
Chealsea 5v0Swansea
West ham2v1Brighton and hove Albion
Newcastle 0v5Tottenham
Arsenal 1v1Man city
West ham0v0Nottingham forest
Wigan 4v1Swansea
Boltan3v0Brighton and hove Albion
Aston villa2v0Newcastle
Chealsea 3v0Arsenal
Tottenham 0v2Man city
Liverpool 2v0Everton
Nottingham forest 1v1Wigan
Everton 1v0Swansea
Liverpool 6v0Brighton and hove Albion
Arsenal 2v1Newcastle
Chealsea 0v3Tottenham
Man city 3v0West ham
Boltan3v1Aston villa
Everton 2v3West ham
Wigan 3v1Swansea
Tottenham 3v1Newcastle
Boltan2v1Man city
Aston villa0v0Arsenal
Everton 2v1Aston villa
Liverpool 3v0Brighton and hove Albion
Chealsea 3v0Nottingham forest
Tottenham 2v0Brighton and hove Albion
Chealsea 3v0Arsenal
West ham1v1Wigan
Liverpool 3v0Swansea
Boltan1v2Man city
Newcastle 0v0Nottingham forest
Liverpool 3v1Man city
Boltan2v0Brighton and hove Albion
Arsenal 3v3Aston villa
Chealsea 1v1West ham
Wigan 2v1Newcastle
Everton 0v0Nottingham forest
Chealsea 1v0Swansea
Brighton and hove Albion 3v1Nottingham forest
Wigan 3v2Arsenal
Aston villa0v3Liverpool
Man city 2v2Newcastle
Tottenham 3v2Wigan
Aston villa1v3Man city
West ham1v1Liverpool
Brighton and hove Albion 0v2Everton
Arsenal 1v1Nottingham forest
Tottenham 3v1West ham