Premier Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Juventus 108202571826
3Reservior F.C106132516919
4New Res 1053229161318
6T.B Spurs105052224-215
7Anchor House104151821-313
8John Bews103161631-1510
9Seaboard Rovers10145915-67
10Legacy 102171332-197
11Colonial 1000101258-460

Viewed 80 times

Juventus 3v1Greyville
H.C.S.S9v0John Bews
Anchor House0v3New Res
New Res 1v1Seaboard Rovers
Anchor House0v6H.C.S.S
Juventus 3v1Legacy
Greyville4v1T.B Spurs
Legacy 3v1T.B Spurs
New Res 6v2Colonial
Reservior F.C3v1T.B Spurs
Juventus 1v0Reservior F.C
H.C.S.S2v0Seaboard Rovers
Juventus 1v0John Bews
T.B Spurs2v1John Bews
Anchor House0v1Juventus
Colonial 0v16H.C.S.S
Colonial 2v8Juventus
Greyville1v3Reservior F.C
Anchor House1v4T.B Spurs
Seaboard Rovers0v1Juventus
H.C.S.S4v3New Res
John Bews3v2Greyville
T.B Spurs5v3Seaboard Rovers
Colonial 0v3T.B Spurs
Legacy 2v3John Bews
Greyville2v1Anchor House
Reservior F.C1v0Legacy
Seaboard Rovers1v1Greyville
Juventus 1v1New Res
Reservior F.C3v2John Bews
Anchor House4v0Legacy
Anchor House1v1Reservior F.C
T.B Spurs4v2New Res
Legacy 0v0Seaboard Rovers
Anchor House5v2John Bews
Reservior F.C2v1Seaboard Rovers
H.C.S.S2v0T.B Spurs
Legacy 3v1Colonial
Greyville0v0New Res
John Bews1v1Seaboard Rovers
Colonial 2v9Reservior F.C
Anchor House2v1Seaboard Rovers
Colonial 3v4John Bews
New Res 6v2Legacy
Anchor House4v1Colonial
Juventus 5v1T.B Spurs
New Res 4v2Reservior F.C
Seaboard Rovers1v0Colonial
New Res 3v0John Bews
H.C.S.S3v1Reservior F.C

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