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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Bitham Brook6411148613
3Bellefield 6321115611
4Christ Church6312139410
5The Minster6114617-114
6The Grove6105411-73
7Sutton Veny6015321-181

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Aloeric3v1The Minster
Bitham Brook1v1Bellefield
Christ Church3v0The Grove
Bitham Brook4v1Sutton Veny
The Minster1v4Christ Church
Sutton Veny0v4The Grove
Bellefield 1v1Christ Church
The Minster1v4Bitham Brook
The Grove0v1Bellefield
Aloeric4v1Christ Church
Sutton Veny2v2The Minster
Aloeric4v0The Grove
Aloeric4v0Bitham Brook
Bellefield 4v0Sutton Veny
Bitham Brook3v1Christ Church
The Grove0v1The Minster
Sutton Veny0v3Christ Church
The Grove0v2Bitham Brook
Aloeric4v0Sutton Veny
Bellefield 4v0The Minster