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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Keevil A523010199
2Dilton Marsh A52216248
3Great Wishford B51311106
4The Avenue512218-75
5West Ashton504102-24
6St John’s B504104-44

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The Avenue0v3Dilton Marsh A
Keevil A0v0West Ashton
St John’s B0v0Great Wishford B
Great Wishford B0v0West Ashton
Dilton Marsh A1v1Keevil A
St John’s B0v0The Avenue
Great Wishford B1v0Dilton Marsh A
West Ashton0v0St John’s B
The Avenue0v5Keevil A
St John’s B0v0Dilton Marsh A
Keevil A0v0Great Wishford B
West Ashton0v0The Avenue
St John’s B0v4Keevil A
Dilton Marsh A2v0West Ashton
The Avenue1v0Great Wishford B