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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Holt B5401313316-312
3Horningsham A530235334679
4Crockerton B5203274367-936
5The Minster5104297323-263
6The Manor A5005231415-1840

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Winsley79v38The Minster
Holt B65v32Crockerton B
The Manor A45v87Horningsham A
Crockerton B60v54The Minster
Horningsham A40v80Winsley
Holt B68v59The Manor A
Crockerton B81v82Horningsham A
The Minster61v71Holt B
The Manor A24v107Winsley
Holt B79v75Horningsham A
Winsley107v31Crockerton B
The Minster83v44The Manor A
Holt B30v89Winsley
Horningsham A69v61The Minster
The Manor A59v70Crockerton B