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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Christ Church A632182611
3Sutton Veny632131211
4The Minster B631253210
5River Mead611415-44
7Bitham Brook602418-72

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Bitham Brook0v0Sutton Veny
Christ Church A1v0Paxcroft
The Minster B1v0River Mead
Paxcroft0v0Bitham Brook
Sutton Veny1v0The Minster B
The Minster B2v0Paxcroft
Bellefield2v1Christ Church A
Bitham Brook0v1Bellefield
River Mead0v1Sutton Veny
Bellefield1v0The Minster B
Paxcroft0v0River Mead
Christ Church A4v0Bitham Brook
Bellefield1v0River Mead
Christ Church A0v0The Minster B
Paxcroft0v1Sutton Veny
River Mead0v2Christ Church A
Sutton Veny0v1Bellefield
The Minster B2v1Bitham Brook
Christ Church A0v0Sutton Veny
Bitham Brook0v1River Mead