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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Mead65011511415
2Forest and Sandridge6411124813
3Fitzmaurice 6402148612
6The Avenue6114212-104
7The Manor6024213-112

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The Manor1v1The Avenue
Forest and Sandridge1v1Paxcroft
Fitzmaurice 0v3The Mead
Forest and Sandridge3v0Sambourne
Paxcroft1v0The Manor
The Avenue0v5Fitzmaurice
Sambourne0v3The Mead
Fitzmaurice 1v3Paxcroft
The Avenue0v2Forest and Sandridge
The Mead3v0Paxcroft
Fitzmaurice 3v0The Manor
The Mead3v0The Manor
Sambourne0v1The Avenue
Fitzmaurice 3v1Forest and Sandridge
The Mead3v0The Avenue
Forest and Sandridge4v0The Manor
Fitzmaurice 2v1Sambourne
The Mead0v1Forest and Sandridge
Sambourne1v1The Manor
The Avenue0v1Paxcroft