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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Leeds Lucarios1110014714620
2Mt.Dora Mawiles1110013242820
3Lucky Jolts117042316714
4Lincoln 'Luchas 116052417712
5Guildford Gligars116051816212
8The Authority114161518-38
10The Raging Krabby114161021-118
11Future's Fighters 11209632-264
12Fandom Sailors11227436-324
13Slashing Scythers201102-20
14The vanguard201102-20

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The Raging Krabby3v0The Authority
Mt.Dora Mawiles2v0Godly
The Authority0v0Fandom Sailors
Lincoln 'Luchas 3v0HitmonForce
Guildford Gligars1v0Future's Fighters
Lucky Jolts5v0Fandom Sailors
Crows1v0Leeds Lucarios
HitmonForce0v3Guildford Gligars
Fandom Sailors0v0The Raging Krabby
Crows0v4Lincoln 'Luchas
Godly6v0The Raging Krabby
Leeds Lucarios4v0Mt.Dora Mawiles
Lucky Jolts2v0Future's Fighters
Lincoln 'Luchas 6v0Future's Fighters
Lucky Jolts6v0Godly
Mt.Dora Mawiles3v0The Authority
Leeds Lucarios6v0Guildford Gligars
Leeds Lucarios4v0HitmonForce
Guildford Gligars2v0The Raging Krabby
Future's Fighters 4v0Fandom Sailors
Lucky Jolts0v4Mt.Dora Mawiles
Lincoln 'Luchas 0v5The Authority
Crows0v3Mt.Dora Mawiles
HitmonForce0v1The Authority
Lincoln 'Luchas 0v1Fandom Sailors
Leeds Lucarios6v0Future's Fighters
The Raging Krabby4v0Future's Fighters
Godly0v5Guildford Gligars
Lucky Jolts3v0The Raging Krabby
Guildford Gligars3v0The Authority
Crows0v3Lucky Jolts
Leeds Lucarios6v0Fandom Sailors
Lincoln 'Luchas 0v3Mt.Dora Mawiles
Crows3v0Future's Fighters
Lucky Jolts0v4The Authority
Leeds Lucarios5v0Godly
Mt.Dora Mawiles2v0HitmonForce
Lincoln 'Luchas 4v0The Raging Krabby
Guildford Gligars4v0Fandom Sailors
HitmonForce3v0Future's Fighters
Godly3v0The Authority
Crows1v0Guildford Gligars
Mt.Dora Mawiles6v0Fandom Sailors
The Raging Krabby0v4Leeds Lucarios
Lincoln 'Luchas 0v3Lucky Jolts
The Authority5v0Future's Fighters
Mt.Dora Mawiles5v0Guildford Gligars
HitmonForce0v1The Raging Krabby
Crows0v3Fandom Sailors
Leeds Lucarios4v0Lucky Jolts
Godly0v4Lincoln 'Luchas
Lucky Jolts0v4HitmonForce
Future's Fighters 0v2Mt.Dora Mawiles
Godly6v0Fandom Sailors
Slashing Scythers0v0The vanguard
Guildford Gligars0v3Lincoln 'Luchas
Crows0v2The Raging Krabby
Leeds Lucarios3v0The Authority
Future's Fighters 2v0The vanguard
Godly2v0Slashing Scythers
Mt.Dora Mawiles2v0The Raging Krabby
HitmonForce5v0Fandom Sailors
Crows3v0The Authority
Leeds Lucarios5v0Lincoln 'Luchas
Lucky Jolts1v0Guildford Gligars