Penguin's Winter League 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rob Defries 107301601617
2Andy Easdown117132591615
3Steve Masters77001901914
4Martin Cork117041812614
5Brian Walker136161517-213
6John Martinez136072215712
7Flett Meason65101701711
8Matt Giles115151313011
9Simon Clode144281928-910
10Stan Clode125071727-1010
11John Beedon9414155109
12Dave Mackridge 11326419-158
13Paul Winter11227728-216
14Gary Michell7205513-84
15Paul Sheerin 122010632-264

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Paul Winter5v0Martin Cork
Matt Giles1v0Paul Sheerin
Simon Clode0v3Paul Sheerin
Simon Clode0v5Matt Giles
Simon Clode0v2Dave Mackridge
John Beedon3v0Martin Cork
Andy Easdown2v0Paul Sheerin
Gary Michell2v0John Martinez
Martin Cork5v0John Martinez
Matt Giles4v0Gary Michell
Matt Giles2v0Martin Cork
Flett Meason0v0Simon Clode
Dave Mackridge 0v3Martin Cork
Martin Cork1v0Brian Walker
Stan Clode3v0Dave Mackridge
Stan Clode1v0Brian Walker
Paul Sheerin 0v5John Beedon
Andy Easdown1v0John Beedon
Rob Defries 1v0John Beedon
Rob Defries 0v0Andy Easdown
Paul Winter0v3Steve Masters
Paul Winter0v5John Martinez
Simon Clode0v5John Martinez
Simon Clode0v2Steve Masters
Brian Walker2v0John Martinez
Brian Walker2v0Matt Giles
John Martinez1v0Matt Giles
John Martinez0v3Rob Defries
Brian Walker0v0Rob Defries
Matt Giles0v1Rob Defries
Paul Sheerin 0v3Flett Meason
Paul Winter0v5Flett Meason
Stan Clode0v4Flett Meason
Andy Easdown0v2Martin Cork
Andy Easdown5v0Simon Clode
John Beedon4v0Brian Walker
Simon Clode6v0Brian Walker
Dave Mackridge 0v1Matt Giles
Andy Easdown4v0Matt Giles
Andy Easdown8v0Dave Mackridge
Brian Walker3v0Gary Michell
Flett Meason3v0Gary Michell
Flett Meason2v0Brian Walker
Paul Sheerin 0v3Stan Clode
Steve Masters2v0Stan Clode
Paul Sheerin 0v5John Martinez
Steve Masters1v0John Martinez
Rob Defries 3v0Paul Sheerin
Paul Winter2v0Paul Sheerin
Paul Winter0v0Dave Mackridge
Rob Defries 0v0Dave Mackridge
Rob Defries 2v0Paul Winter
Gary Michell0v1Martin Cork
Stan Clode0v4Martin Cork
Stan Clode0v3Gary Michell
Simon Clode2v0Gary Michell
Simon Clode6v0Stan Clode
Brian Walker1v0Dave Mackridge
Paul Sheerin 3v0Dave Mackridge
John Martinez4v0Stan Clode
Andy Easdown4v0Stan Clode
Andy Easdown1v0John Martinez
John Beedon3v0Paul Winter
Simon Clode5v0Paul Winter
Simon Clode0v0John Beedon
Andy Easdown0v3Brian Walker
Brian Walker4v0Paul Sheerin
Steve Masters4v0Paul Sheerin
Steve Masters4v0Andy Easdown
Steve Masters3v0Brian Walker
John Beedon0v2John Martinez
Dave Mackridge 1v0John Martinez
Dave Mackridge 1v0John Beedon
Paul Winter0v5Stan Clode
Paul Winter0v0Matt Giles
Stan Clode5v0Matt Giles
Martin Cork2v0Simon Clode
Rob Defries 4v0Simon Clode
Rob Defries 2v0Martin Cork

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