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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Westbury 190028241367340127277
2Arena Stars28212564943621372
3The Wolves28182861046914166
48 Balls of Fire28152115535025160
5Milord 12813114555578-2355
6Westbury Sharks287219490596-10644
7Arena Mix287219456624-16844
8Milord 2281027326706-38030

Viewed 1827 times

The Wolves28v0Milord 2
Arena Mix19v23Westbury 1900
Milord 117v238 Balls of Fire
Westbury Sharks16v26Arena Stars
Milord 220v19Westbury Sharks
Arena Stars20v20The Wolves
8 Balls of Fire28v0Arena Mix
Westbury 190020v14Milord 1
Milord 125v15Arena Mix
8 Balls of Fire15v19Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks22v15The Wolves
Arena Stars28v0Milord 2
Milord 124v25Arena Stars
8 Balls of Fire28v0Milord 2
Arena Mix0v28Westbury Sharks
Westbury 190022v19The Wolves
The Wolves28v0Arena Mix
Milord 212v27Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks19v25Milord 1
Arena Stars15v268 Balls of Fire
8 Balls of Fire21v20Westbury Sharks
Milord 111v28The Wolves
Arena Mix28v0Milord 2
Westbury 190018v18Arena Stars
The Wolves24v208 Balls of Fire
Milord 222v23Milord 1
Arena Stars26v14Arena Mix
Westbury Sharks15v26Westbury 1900
Arena Stars27v10Milord 1
Westbury Sharks24v19Milord 2
8 Balls of Fire20v19Milord 1
Westbury 190027v13Arena Mix
Milord 211v28The Wolves
Arena Stars19v16Westbury Sharks
The Wolves15v24Arena Stars
Milord 115v24Westbury 1900
Arena Mix18v258 Balls of Fire
The Wolves25v17Westbury Sharks
Milord 213v27Arena Stars
Westbury 190023v158 Balls of Fire
Arena Mix16v25Milord 1
Westbury Sharks28v0Arena Mix
The Wolves17v24Westbury 1900
Milord 215v238 Balls of Fire
Arena Mix10v25The Wolves
8 Balls of Fire20v22Arena Stars
Milord 128v9Westbury Sharks
Westbury 190028v10Milord 2
The Wolves21v16Milord 1
Milord 216v27Arena Mix
Westbury Sharks13v248 Balls of Fire
8 Balls of Fire18v19The Wolves
Milord 126v15Milord 2
Arena Mix15v22Arena Stars
Westbury 190028v9Westbury Sharks
The Wolves28v0Milord 2
Milord 119v238 Balls of Fire
Westbury Sharks11v27Arena Stars
Arena Mix10v27Westbury 1900
8 Balls of Fire19v19Arena Mix
Milord 215v24Westbury Sharks
Arena Stars16v19The Wolves
Westbury 190027v15Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire7v23Westbury 1900
Milord 124v21Arena Mix
Arena Stars28v2Milord 2
Westbury Sharks18v24The Wolves
8 Balls of Fire21v18Milord 2
Milord 122v20Arena Stars
Westbury 190024v19The Wolves
Arena Mix25v16Westbury Sharks
Arena Stars18v20Westbury 1900
The Wolves21v23Arena Mix
Milord 211v28Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks21v21Milord 1
Arena Stars28v138 Balls of Fire
8 Balls of Fire16v22Westbury Sharks
Milord 119v24The Wolves
Arena Mix26v15Milord 2
Westbury 190017v20Arena Stars
The Wolves19v158 Balls of Fire
Milord 123v16Milord 2
Arena Stars26v19Arena Mix
Westbury Sharks7v28Westbury 1900
8 Balls of Fire21v16Milord 1
Milord 213v23The Wolves
Arena Stars26v15Westbury Sharks
Westbury 190028v14Arena Mix
The Wolves22v25Arena Stars
Milord 126v23Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks20v18Milord 2
Arena Mix19v208 Balls of Fire
The Wolves24v16Westbury Sharks
Milord 211v26Arena Stars
Arena Mix18v20Milord 1
Westbury 190022v148 Balls of Fire
The Wolves13v28Westbury 1900
Milord 214v248 Balls of Fire
Westbury Sharks22v22Arena Mix
Arena Stars23v12Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire12v24Arena Stars
Milord 124v21Westbury Sharks
Arena Mix21v23The Wolves
Westbury 190028v6Milord 2
The Wolves19v16Milord 1
Milord 217v23Arena Mix
Westbury Sharks15v228 Balls of Fire
Arena Stars23v13Westbury 1900
8 Balls of Fire20v20The Wolves
Milord 120v17Milord 2
Arena Mix21v20Arena Stars
Westbury 190028v7Westbury Sharks