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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
18 Balls of Fire20180239226812456
2Westbury 19002012083473133444
3Westbury Sharks2012083443162844
4Arena 9duust208012325335-1036
5Milord 1208012309351-4236
6Milord 2202018263397-13424

Viewed 1308 times

Westbury 190017v16Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire13v20Milord 2
Arena 9duust16v17Westbury Sharks
Milord 211v22Westbury Sharks
Milord 122v11Arena 9duust
Westbury 190012v218 Balls of Fire
Milord 213v20Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks16v17Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire19v14Arena 9duust
8 Balls of Fire19v14Milord 1
Milord 119v14Milord 2
Westbury Sharks16v178 Balls of Fire
Arena 9duust15v18Westbury 1900
Milord 215v18Arena 9duust
Westbury 190015v18Westbury Sharks
Milord 212v218 Balls of Fire
Milord 112v21Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks18v15Arena 9duust
Westbury Sharks13v20Milord 2
Arena 9duust18v15Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire22v11Westbury 1900
Milord 117v16Westbury Sharks
Arena 9duust16v178 Balls of Fire
Westbury 190019v14Milord 2
Milord 29v24Milord 1
Westbury 190019v14Arena 9duust
8 Balls of Fire19v14Westbury Sharks
Milord 111v228 Balls of Fire
Westbury Sharks17v16Westbury 1900
Arena 9duust24v9Milord 2
Arena 9duust17v16Westbury Sharks
8 Balls of Fire21v12Milord 2
Westbury 190023v10Milord 1
Milord 213v20Westbury Sharks
Milord 111v22Arena 9duust
Westbury 190014v198 Balls of Fire
Milord 29v24Westbury 1900
8 Balls of Fire20v13Arena 9duust
Westbury Sharks19v14Milord 1
Milord 117v16Milord 2
Arena 9duust16v17Westbury 1900
Westbury Sharks12v218 Balls of Fire
Milord 214v19Arena 9duust
8 Balls of Fire23v10Milord 1
Westbury 190015v18Westbury Sharks
Milord 213v208 Balls of Fire
Westbury Sharks18v15Arena 9duust
Milord 113v20Westbury 1900
Arena 9duust19v14Milord 1
Westbury Sharks20v13Milord 2
8 Balls of Fire24v9Westbury 1900
Milord 119v14Westbury Sharks
Westbury 190027v6Milord 2
Arena 9duust10v238 Balls of Fire
Milord 214v19Milord 1
8 Balls of Fire13v20Westbury Sharks
Westbury 190017v16Arena 9duust
Milord 115v188 Balls of Fire
Arena 9duust17v16Milord 2
Westbury Sharks20v13Westbury 1900